Smart Warehouse Staff Lockers

Wireless, smart staff lockers that improve your warehousing operations, automates your locker management, saves time at shift changeover and gives you a full view of your locker analytics.

smart staff lockers warehouse

Say goodbye to locker spreadsheets

Smart Staff Industrial Lockers

No more spreadsheets. Allocate lockers in seconds

Use smart staff warehouse lockers to transform your locker usage. The system is fully automated, saving your staff valuable minutes, you have stronger security and you can ensure you can regain the hours lost when managing traditional locker systems.

How it works

Smart Staff Warehouse Locker Workflows

Allocated to one person

Allocate individual staff lockers to members of your team to give a personal storage space

Used just for the day

Staff choose a free locker and use it for the day, perfect for hybrid working or shift based work

Shared Team Storage

Let teams keep shared items in team storage lockers, available to everyone with tracked access


Feeling the pain?

Spreadsheet innacurate and outdated?

You’re wasting time trying to get into old locks. Shared Team Storage for smart staff lockers provide tracked access so that you get a better view of your data, as well as beginning to save both time and money.

Tired of Keys or Combination Locks?

Your IT and ops teams waste hours and hours of time managing and auditing assets to no avail. Self-sufficient staff locker software provides data and digital access required for no hassle asset management.

Running out of lockers?

Check in / out of assets is a manual process and has no data or reporting on how staff room lockers are used. A smart staff locker solution provides digital access day-use lockers, saving you office space.

No record on personnel lockers?

Staff are queueing at shift start/end to collect and return assets, wasting company time and money. Digital access to shared team storage staff lockers help you keep track of assets and streamlines the process.

Allocated Smart Lockers

How did you live without them?

Allocate your staff lockers using the online system and gain real time analytics of how lockers are being used

smart staff lockers warehouse

Swap keys for cards

Combine your lockers with your existing access cards to reduce the hassle of managing, issuing and using staff locker keys.

smart staff lockers warehouse

Totally self-service

Allocated and Hot lockers are set up to be totally self service. Staff can collect lockers on the fly with no management intervention at all

smart staff lockers warehouse

Real locker analytics

The system monitors your employees' use of allocated staff lockers, allowing you to keep track of locker usage and create reports.

smart staff lockers warehouse

Claim back space

On average only 60% of allocated staff lockers are used, eLocker lets you reduce your locker fleet and claim back your prime real estate.

Locker managment

Full Online Analytics

If you’re curious about how your staff lockers are being used, you can use our locker management system to see your usage data and get a more factual (and less emotional) sense of locker use.

smart staff lockers warehouse

Benefits you receive

Real usage data

We’ve created an analytics solution that provides real-time insights into your locker usage data. Giving you a full view of your locker usage across the whole of your organisation

Buy less lockers

In general, 20-30% of lockers aren’t used. This means you can reduce the size of your locker areas and use that space for offices or warehouse space

Use your access badge

eLocker incorporates nearly all access badge technologies, eliminating the need for keys, pin codes or screens. Keeping up with your one card policy

Self allocation

No more manual allocations! Self-service smart lockers make it more convenient for staff, and save you time in the process.

Digital security

eLocker is GDPR compliant, ISO27001 documented and OWASP tested to make sure or solution is fully secure

Increased productivity

By automating manual processes, you can re-allocate administrative roles to more productive tasks.

Quick delivery

Manual audits are no longer needed , as eLocker manager logs every action on your smart lockers

Save money

eLocker has proven to save time when managing lockers by removing around 94% of the admin time.

Frequently Asked Question

You asked, we answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get about eLocker
How are you different than the existing smart lockers
in the market?

Existing smart lockers in the market are wired and eLocker is wireless.

Having wires connecting locks to the internet limits where you can install them use and makes them complicated to install.

Our wireless smart locks can be fitted to existing locker hardware and these retrofitted  lockers can be placed anywhere, this is because our full solution is wireless.

We even have a mobile app that staff can use to open lockers remotely

How can eLocker save me space?

eLocker can save you space by using analytics and usage data to optimise the use of locker space.

For example, if a company knows that staff only come in to the office 2-3 times a week, they reduce the number of lockers on site.

Additionally, eLocker can detect when a locker is in use.

This information can be used to determine which lockers are used most often and which ones could be repurposed or removed completely.

On average we find customers only need 20-30% of lockers. To headcount.

Is eLocker secure?
Yes, absolutely – eLocker uses military grade AES 128byte encryption for communication over Bluetooth to our locks. We regularly OWASP test our online platform and are working towards an ISO27001 certification, we are also fully GDPR compliant.
How long do the batteries last in the locks?

In Short, 5 – 10 years

We know that companies offering wired locker solutions say that you will end up replacing batteries in wireless locks every 6 months.

However, we can confirm, with a 70 page report on battery usage and with a large amount of confidence that this information is incorrect!

In theory, our standard smart locks will last up to 20 years with a set of 3 x AA batteries. In practice we expect them to last between 5 -10 years

Does eLocker use any personal data?

We have a few options in the system. The first is the least amount of data possible, where we only store a card number and an ID number for a person, such as a payroll or employee number.

The second option is to use, what we like to call ‘business card data’. Basically, no more information than can be found on the internet; first name, last name, email.

This is the standard amount of information we store on the system for users – We can also add mobile phone numbers in the system if required.

eLocker is fully GDPR compliant so any data you do store with us is completely safe.

For more information you can view our privacy policy.

Want to see eLocker in action?

Get in touch with the experts to discuss your use case and how smart staff lockers could be a great fit for your business
smart staff lockers warehouse