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Parcel Lockers

eLocker smart parcel lockers can send and receive parcels and deliveries, signs for receipt, and sends a message to the recipient. Employees can send and return business and private parcels automating your internal logistics.


Parcel Lockers - Smart Delivery & Collection

01. Parcel Delivered

Parcels are delivered into lockers by a courier, or your receiption

02. Ready to Collect

An SMS or email is sent confirming the order is ready to collect

03. Open the web app

The user opens the online app on their device (no download needed)

04. Confirm Location

The user confirms they are at the lockers on screen or by QR code

05. Collect the parcel

The uesr hits the open locker button and collects thier parcel

Parcel Lockers

Fully Customisable Parcel Lockers

Parcel Lockers

Optional Screen

eLocker does not need a screen, but we can include one if you require

Parcel Lockers


Lockers can be numbered or named to suit your brand / business.

screenless click and collect lockers
Parcel Lockers


Lockers are avaliable as steel or MFC as per your project requirements

Parcel Lockers

The Design

We can produce lockers in any size, shape or colour

Parcel Locker Guide


Send and receive internal and external parcels in your offices



Give your tenants a serviced parcel locker in your building


Collection and return lockers for students on campus

For Internal or External Use


Carriers deliver directly into
lockers through the screen on
the parcel lockers
Parcel Lockers


Your reception receive the
delivery and post it to your team
via parcel lockers
Parcel Lockers

Parcel Lockers

How did you live without them?

Allocate your staff lockers using the online system and gain realtime analytics of how lockers are being used

Parcel Lockers

No More QR and Pin’s

We use headless locker technology , so your users can collect from eLocker using an online app (on the browser, no download needed) removing the need for pin codes or QR code scanning

Parcel Lockers

Digital proof of delivery

Use eLocker to accept deliveries, with no human input needed - Online, auditable custodial records and CCTV allow you to make deliveries fully automated and fully secure

Parcel Lockers

Collections and Returns

A full collection and returns solution, giving your users all the workflows they need, and allowing you to automate every use case possible. We also offer bespoke use cases too if you need something special

Parcel Lockers

Fully Safe and Secure

With cybersecurity at the front of our minds, we ensure eLocker is pen-tested, ISO27001 documented and GDPR regulated. Giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure

Parcel Locker Software

Parcel Locker Management

Working with you, we configure your parcel locker workflows to support your mailroom management process. With a powerful analytics package at your disposal, to gain realtime insights into usage and a significant reduction in your administration costs

  • Full Automation
  • Extensive Analytics
  • Bespoke Workflows
Parcel Lockers

Benefits you receive

Award winning system

Work with an award winning smart locker suppluer

Completely private

ISO 27701 compliant with GDPR extension

Bespoke Workflows

Work with our team to customise workflows for your use case

Compartment detection

Smart sensors know when a parcel has been delivered

Antiviral coating

Less maintenance, less worries, more satety


ISO 27700 certified for extra security

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Case Studies

How eLocker securely
manages parcels in multiple
occupancy office spaces

Company Unlike a traditional office space this company manages a building with a number of different coworking spaces in it. They have parcels being delivered…

Parcel Lockers

200 Lockers

Parcel Lockers

eLocker Parcel

Parcel Lockers

On-going Contract

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Frequently Asked Question

You asked questions about our smart locker systems, we answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get about eLocker

How are you different than the existing smart lockers
in the market?

Existing smart lockers in the market are wired and eLocker is wireless.

Having wires connecting locks to the internet limits where you can install them use and makes them complicated to install. 

Our wireless smart locks can be fitted to existing locker hardware and these retrofitted  lockers can be placed anywhere, this is because our full solution is wireless.

We even have a mobile app that staff can use to open lockers remotely

How can eLocker save me space?

eLocker can save you space by using analytics and usage data to optimise the use of locker space.

For example, if a company knows that staff only come in to the office 2-3 times a week, they reduce the number of lockers on site.

Additionally, eLocker can detect when a locker is in use.

This information can be used to determine which lockers are used most often and which ones could be repurposed or removed completely.

On average we find customers only need 20-30% of lockers. To headcount.

Is eLocker secure?

Yes, absolutely – eLocker uses military grade AES 128byte encryption for communication over Bluetooth to our locks.

We regularly OWASP test our online platform and are working towards an ISO27001 certification, we are also fully GDPR compliant.

How long do the batteries last in the locks?

In Short, 5 – 10 years

We know that companies offering wired locker solutions say that you will end up replacing batteries in wireless locks every 6 months.

However, we can confirm, with a 70 page report on battery usage and with a large amount of confidence that this information is incorrect!

In theory, our standard smart locks will last up to 20 years with a set of 3 x AA batteries. In practice we expect them to last between 5 -10 years

Does eLocker use any personal data?

We have a few options in the system. The first is the least amount of data possible, where we only store a card number and an ID number for a person, such as a payroll or employee number.

The second option is to use, what we like to call ‘business card data’. Basically, no more information than can be found on the internet; first name, last name, email.

This is the standard amount of information we store on the system for users – We can also add mobile phone numbers in the system if required.

eLocker is fully GDPR compliant so any data you do store with us is completely safe.

For more information you can view our privacy policy.

Want to see eLocker in action?

Tell us a bit more about your business and use case, then our experts will guide you through the process to see if smart locks are a good fit for you.

Parcel Lockers