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Smart Lockers for Device Management

Device management lockers

Two ways to manage devices

How it works

Learn how eLocker manages devices for day use, or for personal issue

Customer Results

eLocker launched innovative smart staff lockers across a number of Amazon warehouses in the EU. Starting with a single-site rollout of 2,200 storage lockers and rollout of over 11,000 lockers in Germany

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eLocker supports Motorola in helping a public service use smart lockers to be able to access mission-critical devices at any time, as well as allowing them to track what devices are being used and when

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Smart Lockers for a Smarter Workplace: eLocker Supplies 1500+ Lockers In Game-Changing Solution for Microsoft smart spaces, supporting super hybrid working

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Full Online Analytics

If you’re curious about how your lockers are being used, you can use our locker management system to manipulate usage data and get a more factual (and less emotional) sense of locker use

Device management lockers

Benefits you receive

Thanks to us, you will get many benefits

Device management lockers

Real usage data

We’ve created an analytics solution that provides real-time insights into your locker usage data. Giving you a full view of your locker usage across the whole of your organisation

Device management lockers

Full Accountability

You can view reports and real-time data on locker usage, giving you full transparency on how they are being used.

Device management lockers

Digital security

eLocker is GDPR compliant, ISO27001 documented and OWASP tested to make sure or solution is fully secure

Device management lockers

Space saving

In general, 20-30% of lockers aren’t used. This means you can reduce the size of your locker areas and use that space for offices or warehouse space

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Self Service Device Smart Locks

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