Smart Office Lockers

Smart office lockers for your workplace, managing parcels, devices and staff lockers in one online platform

Smart Office Lockers for Workplace Efficiency

A single system for all your workflows. eLocker includes smart office lockers for employees to support your hybrid working policy, Click and Collect lockers to deliver IT equipment to your team and a fully fledged parcel locker system for both internal and external deliveries. Manage your full suite of office storage lockers through one simple online dashboard and automate your management today

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Smart Office Lockers - Workflows

Staff office storage lockers, taking the hassle out of locker management

Create 100% accountability for your shared assets with multi factor returns

Bluetooth enabled smart lockers for offices, operated by your smartphone or tablet

Deliver personal and business items through Amazon-style parcel lockers for offices

Let your team accept deliveries with office lockers for employees

The Choice Is Yours


Mini Retrofit

The standard ‘chunky’ retrofit smart lock is built for warehouses, factories and industrial environments where a more resilient lock is needed

Office Lockers


New Lockers

Customise your own agile workplace lockers with bespoke, steel or MFC

Office Lockers

Unlock the Advantages of Smart Office Lockers

Office Lockers


Office Lockers

Use your RFID Access Badge

Office Lockers

An iOS or Android App

Office Lockers

Fully self-service

Office Lockers

Complete Control

Office Lockers

Cloud Management Portal

Office Lockers

Unlimited no. of users

Office Lockers

Historical and Live Reports

Office Lockers


Office Lockers

GDPR-Proof System

Office Lockers

Encrypted Communications

Office Lockers

Fully Secure Lockers

phone and card access to smart locker locks

Opened by your access badge, and your phone

Quickly and easily integrate eLocker office locker system with your company access badge system for unlimited access control, maximum security and a truly future proofed solution.

Smart Office Lockers

Full Online Analytics

If you’re curious about how your smart office lockers are being used, you can use our locker management system to manipulate usage data and get a more factual (and less emotional) sense of locker use

Office Lockers
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Case Studies

How eLocker securely
manages parcels in multiple
occupancy office spaces

Company Unlike a traditional office space this company manages a building with a number of different coworking spaces in it. They have parcels being delivered…

Office Lockers

200 Lockers

Office Lockers

eLocker Parcel

Office Lockers

On-going Contract

Other Things to Consider When Selecting Your Office Lockers

Integration with Existing Systems: Can the new locker system be integrated with your existing office locker storage management or security systems or are you going to have to start from scratch? eLocker smart locker systems can be retrofitted to your current system.

Scalability: As your company grows, you might need more workplace lockers or additional features. Make sure your new system can be upscaled to meet future needs. Our scalable systems can be expanded as your business grows.

Accessibility: Your smart office lockers should be accessible to individuals with disabilities. eLocker offers disability-compliant solutions for locker systems.

Training and Support: Any time you install a new system, there is going to be a learning curve for administrators and end users. Make sure that the provider offers adequate training and support during and after installation. With eLocker, administrators get specialist training with our installation as well as ongoing technical support.

Cost of Upgrades: When you choose eLocker, you get all the features you’ll ever need, at a lower cost and with more accessible support than wired locker solutions.

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