9 Types of Hot Desking Office Space Solutions to Improve Collaboration in 2024

Hot desking is becoming increasingly popular with small and large companies due to its flexibility and space efficiency benefits. A hot desking office space optimises workspace utilisation, reduces overheads, and promotes collaboration. Hot desks are especially useful for companies utilising remote and hybrid work arrangements, as they can enhance productivity while saving on office space expenses.

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What Is Hot Desking?

Hot Desking, meaning reserved flexible office workspaces that are not assigned to specific employees, is a cost-effective, space-efficient way of managing space in collaborative workplaces. As more employees are choosing remote and hybrid work arrangements, hot desking lets office administrators assign desks to employees when they come into the office.


What is a hot desk?
It’s called ‘hot desking’ because the desk is frequently used by different people. The phrase derives from the US Navy idiom, ‘hot racking.’ Naval bunks are often assigned to multiple sailors who are scheduled for different shifts, to save valuable space on boats and submarines.

How Does Hot Desking Work?

Hot desking employees do not have assigned workstations. Instead, they can choose any available desk or workspace on a first-come, first-served basis. Hot desking provides max efficiency in space utilisation and encourages collaboration between agile team members. By reserving desks as needed, you can ensure that office space can be reserved for visiting or hybrid employees as needed while minimising the need for idle office space. Some features that are required in hot desk facilities include:


• Power outlets and phone access for employee laptops and office calls
• Reservable meeting spaces for team and client meetings
• Shared printing services
• Tech and internet connectivity for internet and company intranet access
• Lounges, breakrooms, and kitchens
• Private pods and phone enclosures for calls or meetings that require discretion.

The Downsides of Hot Desking

Here are some issues to consider when setting up a hot desking space.


• Space availability: If there are not enough available desks, employees may become frustrated and important work may be delayed.
• Security concerns: There are risks of data breaches and theft if you do not implement strict access controls and measures to protect sensitive information.
• Noise: Lacking soundproofing and designated quiet areas, hot desking can lead to noise levels that disrupt workflow and decrease productivity
• Cleanliness: With multiple employees using the same workspaces and common areas, maintaining cleanliness can be challenging if your hot desking area is not regularly monitored and maintained.

The Rapid Growth of Hot Desking Software Solutions

Hot desking software solutions help facilitate collaboration and create an environment where employees can easily connect, share resources, and work together seamlessly.


Hot desking office spaces started in the mid-2010s as a response to increased demand for flexible work arrangements, advancements in technology, and changing workplace dynamics. Cloud-based technologies have made it easier to develop and deploy more specialised software based office hot desking solutions. Also, the pandemic in 2020 accelerated the need for safe and socially distanced office environments.


For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of some of the most common types of office hot desking software solutions. These software packages will improve productivity and collaboration in your office and ensure your transition to a hot desking space goes smoothly.

1. Hot Desk Booking System

Hot desking software is a type of reservation software designed for managing hot desking arrangements. In a hot desking workspace or office environment, employees do not have assigned desks. Instead, they choose from available desks on a first-come, first-served basis or by making reservations through the system. These flexible seating arrangements allow employees and visitors to book and use desks as required.

WeWork, founded in 2010, and Regus (now part of IWG) were early adopters of hot desking software that allowed employees to choose seats strategically, facilitating collaboration with team members. The proliferation of smartphones and the development of user-friendly mobile applications made it convenient for users to reserve desks on the go. During the COVID pandemic, Condeco introduced popular features for contactless check-in and sanitation scheduling which remain in widespread use today.

2. Locker Management Software

The traditional office layout has been transformed in recent years. Gone are the days of swanky glass-panelled offices for the boss and isolated, claustrophobic cubicles for the staff. Today it’s an ever-changing, brightly coloured collection of collaborative workspaces.


Hot desking software solutions help manage lockers to meet the diverse needs of employees and users. By digitising lockers and removing assigned office spaces, you promote a more efficient use of resources. The analytics provided by a hot desking system help administrators and managers track usage. This helps them make informed choices in resource allocation. And the higher level of security provided by hot desking software makes your employees feel safer and lets them focus on collaborating.


Smart office lockers can be used for personal storage, shared equipment lockers, device charging stations, secure document lockers, and post and parcel lockers. eLocker can offer all these types of lockers within your hot desk office through our locker management software.

3. Coworking Space Management Software

For a hot desking office, you will benefit from space management software specifically designed for coworking spaces. You need a package with robust booking and scheduling features that will help you optimise your allocation of workstations, meeting rooms, and amenities based on demand. Hubble, a UK-based platform, connects businesses with coworking spaces. It offers a marketplace for finding and booking coworking desks and meeting rooms. If you find yourself in need of more desks or need a room for an important meeting, Hubble can be a great help.

4. Resource Allocation Software

Resource allocation software helps you assign and manage various resources within a hot desk office. It provides data and analytics on space utilisation patterns and resource usage, so you can make informed decisions on resource allocation strategies. It also helps you keep track of items like equipment, personnel, time, and more.


Optix has a resource booking feature that makes anything in your coworking space bookable. Using Optix Assignments, you can provide users dedicated access to private offices, dedicated desks, and other resources with ease.

5. Visitor Management Systems

Because you no longer have fixed desks and offices, you’ll have different people signing into the office each day. To keep your head counts in order, you’ll benefit from a visitor management systems software. Visitor management systems can not only register and manage guests in hot desking offices, they can also manage visitor access to shared workspaces.


Proxyclick can be tailored to the specific needs of hot desking offices in the UK, This ensures both a secure and efficient visitor experience and solid support for administrators tracking flexible workspace arrangements.

Other Hot Desking Office Solutions for Better Collaboration

Moving to a hot desk environment can be a challenge. There are many failure points that can arise as you implement your new programme. Here are some hot desking tips that will help you optimise your co-working office and keep things running smoothly. Happy employees and happy administrators make for a happy office, and with these tips you’ll avoid many common small and large headaches.

6. Flexible Workspace Solutions

In agile work environments, the walls between colleagues have literally been broken down and colleagues are free to move between desks and choose a workspace that suits their needs.


Dedicated collaboration spaces provide an environment conducive to teamwork, brainstorming, and idea sharing. Equipping your collaboration spaces with mobile whiteboards and modular furniture for reconfigurable layouts foster a sense of community among coworkers. Here are some other steps you can take toward making your hot desking office space a more flexible, comfortable workplace.


* Ergonomic chairs from Posturite can help your employees avoid back issues at home and the office.
* Tier by Connection offers two and three-tiered auditorium modules that are easily moved and can be scaled for large or small group meetings.
* Lightweight Turnstone Buoy stools can be moved easily from place to place, whether at a desk or in a quiet corner.

7. Noise Management Solutions

Hot desking office spaces can be noisy, but workers need privacy for focused work or sensitive discussions. If you wish your hot desk setup to succeed, you must create an environment that reduces distraction and allows for concentration and confidential meetings.


Some ideas include acoustic panels from BuzziSpace, noise-cancelling headphones from Bose and Sony, or white noise machines.

8. Wellness-Oriented Coworking Spaces

Supporting workplace wellness reduces employee stress, enhances job satisfaction, and results in increased productivity. Some suggestions include:


* Partner with local health food brands like Graze, Pip & Nut, and Innocent Drinks for healthy snacks.
• Consider moving your hot desking space to Huckletree’s healthy and balanced workspaces
• Have a look at WellWorking’s ergonomic furniture and wellness programmes.

9. IoT and Smart Office Solutions

You can leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create smart office solutions. IoT technology makes it easy to connect and automate workplace devices and systems and enables real-time data collection. Some IoT hot desking essentials you can implement at your workplace include desk occupancy sensors, mobile apps for desk booking, and energy-efficient office automation systems.

Benefits of Hot Desking

Here are a few of the key hot desking advantages your firm or office can benefit from in the modern workplace.

Improved Security

The most obvious issue with removing fixed desks is security. Most desks have secure compartments, locked drawers, or at least their own filing cabinet for storing important documents. Hot desking does not usually offer secure storage as employees move between desks.


Smart lockers give employees a secure place to store their important documents and personal belongings. Staff won’t have to worry about the safety of these items and can focus their full attention on their work tasks. These kinds of hot desking solutions will have a positive impact on productivity and employee morale.

Productivity and Collaboration

Collaborative hot desking is becoming the norm, even among major corporations and international firms. It’s all about continuous improvement and increasing productivity, and several studies have confirmed that the hot desking model works.


Smart lockers are the perfect addition to agile workplaces. They will support hot desking and enhance your flexible work environment by providing staff with secure space to store their belongings. This way, they can focus on their task at hand as opposed to monitoring their belongings.


A hot desking office space will only run smoothly if administrators have access to all necessary data. Our smart locker systems make it easy for administrators to assign lockers, grant employee access, and keep an ongoing record of locker use. And our software can be integrated easily into your HR system, SSO single sign on, and your building management system

Cost savings for the business

The whole purpose of a hot desking office space is to promote collaboration, productivity, and ultimately increase profitability for the business. Smart lockers increase profitability in a more direct way: they are considerably less expensive than traditional lockers.


Most of the costs associated with traditional locks come from repairs. The cost involved in cutting new keys and hiring engineers to fix or replace locks, as well as the productive time lost during reallocation, is staggering.


Many of these costs are eliminated when you upgrade to smart locks. Contactless systems are electronic, which significantly reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and failures. Replacing an electronic access card is also straightforward and can be done with just a few clicks.

More Organised Workspace

Hot desking has dozens of benefits, but it can also cause disorganisation and issues within your company if not implemented properly. Without a dedicated personal space, it’s impossible to look after employee belongings and organise documents and memos.


Safe, secure personal storage is vital for those working in a hot desking office. At eLocker, we have extensive experience in setting up and maintaining hot desk lockers. Employees will find the reservation and sign-out process simple and intuitive, and can work secure knowing their valuables and personal items are securely stored. There are always records concerning locker assignments and the dates and times each locker was opened and closed.

Personal Space and Privacy

Many employees prefer hot desking, but this doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten the value of personal space. Having an allocated desk offers obvious comforts like family photos and drawers to keep personal belongings. Personal space plays a vital role in mental wellbeing in the office.


Office lockers for hot desking give employees a dedicated space to keep their personal belongings and improve privacy and security as only they have access. Team members can store all of their possessions and then get on with their work activities without distraction.


Employees will start their day with a positive mindset which will boost productivity and ultimately, profits.

Bottom Line

The workplace is changing and many modern businesses are adopting hot desking. Technology like smart lockers will support agile working and enhance your hot desking office space.

No matter the size of your firm, integrating hot desking lockers into the workplace will help grow the positive mindset, productivity, and sense of purpose within your team.

Get in touch with the experts at eLocker to learn how smart lockers can improve collaboration and hot desking in your business.

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