Tips to Improve Your IT Asset Management Process

Modern businesses rely heavily on IT devices like laptops, mobile devices, software services, and other technical equipment to carry out their daily operations. Poor asset management can put a severe dent in a company’s bottom line and lead to several other issues such as unexpected downtime and security breaches.  


IT asset management is an ongoing process and you should continually look for ways to improve your systems and increase business efficiency. 


Here are some useful tips to enhance your IT asset management process:

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Install asset management lockers

A recent survey revealed that 43% of small businesses fail to track assets and inventory effectively. If your business is finding it difficult to distribute and manage IT assets, then fully automated asset lockers could be the solution! Get in touch to find out more.

Here are some key benefits of installing IT asset management lockers:

  • Automate asset distribution: Asset lockers allow your IT manager to monitor lockers and allocate assets remotely. This means they don’t need to manually distribute assets to staff, saving your business time and money.
  • Keep expensive devices secure: Asset lockers will keep your IT assets safe and secure. This will reduce the risk of common security issues like workplace theft.
  • Real-time analytics: Asset lockers come with a centralised dashboard that provides full autonomy and allows you to monitor your IT assets at all times.

Invest in asset management software

IT asset management software can streamline your management process and help you increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs within your IT department. Choosing the right asset management software will play a key role in improving your IT processes.


According to Investopedia, the best asset management software of 2022 is ManageEngine AssetExplorer, InvGate Assets, and Ivanti IT Asset Management. Read the full article for more guidance on asset management software and which solution will be most suitable for your business. 

Gather asset management feedback

Remember that IT asset management is not a one-off project, it’s an ongoing process. IT is an ever-changing industry and agility is a key factor in a successful asset management strategy.


You need to update your asset management strategies regularly to keep your processes effective. Gather feedback and data to facilitate continual improvement and make sure that you plan for process evolution and transitions. 


Managing your company’s IT assets can be a difficult task and you need to have a system in place to monitor your expensive devices and equipment. Follow these tips to improve your IT asset management process and maximise efficiency in your business.

Get in touch with eLocker if you would like to discuss how our asset management lockers can optimise your IT asset management strategies. We’ve previously supported industry leaders like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL and helped them improve asset management through our tailored, smart solutions.

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Tips to Improve Your IT Asset Management Process