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How lockers can be the downfall of your new agile working environment

Agile working is all the rage right now and more businesses are adopting flexible work practices like hot-desking and remote working. Building an agile workplace can improve efficiency and productivity, boost office morale, and increase your bottom line. 

However, for agile working to be successful, you must plan your new workspace and invest in technologies and tools that will support flexible working. Smart tech like contactless lockers will compliment agile working environments, whereas outdated lockers will restrict your ability to grow and increase profits. 

Here are the reasons why traditional lockers can be the downfall of your new agile working environment:

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Higher management costs

Traditional lockers use manual keys and locks and allocation is usually managed via spreadsheets. This is labour-intensive and results in high management costs. On the other hand, smart lockers utilise the latest technology to streamline locker management and improve efficiency. 

Our smart office lockers eliminate up to 94% of the admin time associated with locker management, so your managers can focus on activities that will bring the most profits into your business. It is important that business owners continuously look for ways to improve workplace efficiency, improve cash flow, and reduce operational costs. 

Low job satisfaction

Traditional lockers can cause frustrations due to delays in locker allocation, lost keys, damaged locks, and other issues. This can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction which will affect workplace engagement and productivity. 

Lockers are essential in agile work environments. Staff need somewhere secure to store their belongings when they are working in the office, especially if they don’t have a permanent desk. Our smart team lockers allow employees to chose a locker that suits their needs and access it via a contactless key card. 

Smart lockers give employees more control over their lockers which should lead to higher job satisfaction. A study by Warwick University found that happy employees are 12% more productive, while unhappy employees are 10% less productive. Upgrading your workplace with tech like smart lockers can support agile working and boost organisational performance. 

Poor security

Traditional lockers are less secure than smart lockers and you are more likely to experience issues like theft and false loss claims. This is especially true when you create an agile working environment and have people coming in and out of the office regularly. 

Our smart locker systems give you access to live analytics and reports, so you can track locker usage in real-time. This helps to create more transparency in the workplace and reduces security management time. Smart lockers help to protect your valuable business assets and increase workplace security for you and your employees. 

Low productivity

Old lockers can harm productivity as managers and employees will spend more time allocating, accessing, and managing lockers. This may result in employees missing meetings or being late to important training sessions and webinars. 

Streamlining locker management with a smart locker system can instantly boost workplace productivity. This will increase revenue and improve your bottom line. 

Smart lockers to the rescue!

Smart lockers offer a solution to these common problems. When you upgrade to a smart locker system, you will streamline locker allocation and reduce the time and cost of locker management. Smart lockers are the perfect addition to agile working environments. Our smart lockers are built to be simple and intuitive and they will benefit your company in several ways. 

Get in touch with our team of locker experts if you would like more information on our smart locker systems or would like to discuss your requirements. 

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How lockers can be the downfall of your new agile working environment