eLocker Announces the Retrofittable eLock Pro For the Workplace of the Future

eLocker, the leading provider of digital locker solutions, proudly announces its next-generation lock, the eLock Pro. The digital lock is the latest innovation in eLocker’s mission to create a workplace of the future for its clients.


eLocker offers digital locks & lockers for device/IT asset management, which near-eliminates asset loss or damage, as well as staff lockers on a hot, allocated, or shared basis.


“We are proud to announce the eLock Pro, which was born from extensive market research, feedback from our customers and the goal to create the most sophisticated digital lock on the market,” says Jacob Hinson, Founder of eLocker. “The lock is retrofittable to most lockers, has corporate branding available and utilises a market-first e-ink screen with options for customised symbols and colours, making it the most accessible lock for those with sight disabilities.”


The eLock Pro seamlessly connects to a cloud platform where users can manage their lockers online and use live reports to make smarter, data-led decisions. Plus, sustainability is encouraged thanks to the retrofit option, which allows you to reuse and digitise your existing lockers.

eLocker Announces the eLock Pro

“Excel sheets and bulky off-the-shelf lockers simply don’t match the image sleek and sophisticated modern businesses want to convey to clients or their employees,” says Hinson. “Digital lockers are key for creating a modern and efficient brand image, while the eLock Pro helps you to create the workplace of the future.”


Jacob Hinson, Founder of eLocker, adds: “The eLock Pro elevates the experience you get with staff lockers, device management and Click & Collect systems, providing a truly sustainable, accessible and future-proof solution for businesses of all sizes.”


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eLocker Announces the eLock Pro