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Brief History: When Were Lockers First Used in Offices?

Locker usage has soared in the past decade and lockers are now used in a huge variety of industries including retail, leisure, healthcare, schools, and offices. The 2021 Locker Market report estimates that the locker market will be valued at roughly 1186 million GBP by 2024 showing a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% since 2018.

Lockers are clearly growing in popularity – but when were they first used and how have they evolved over the years? This blog is going to give you a brief history of lockers and how they are being utilised in modern offices. 

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When were lockers first introduced?

Historical data suggests that the first lock was created approximately 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. According to answerstoall.com, the first known lockers were used at the Harleton Green Gold Club in South Carolina in 1786. They were a simple structure of stacked cupboards with padlocks. 

Lockers have evolved over the years into the sleek, narrow storage compartments that we see today. Modern lockers can be found in a diverse range of settings, but they are commonly used in office environments to provide staff with a secure storage solution. 

What are the benefits of staff lockers in the workplace?

Reduce clutter

Staff lockers provide employees with a place to store their personal belongings, thus helping to keep workplaces clean and clutter-free. Without on-site lockers, staff desks and workstations are likely to become cluttered with bags, coats, gadgets, and other work equipment. 

Maintaining a clutter-free office environment will boost productivity, reduce workplace stress, and help you create a positive work culture and brand image. 

Increase security

Modern lockers are extremely secure and thus reduce the likelihood of workplace theft. When you install storage lockers, your employees can have peace of mind knowing that their valuables are safe during the working day. 

Boost productivity

Lockers can also be used to store office equipment such as laptops and iPads securely. Your employees can access these items quickly whenever they need them, without wasting time hunting around for tools and equipment. This will improve efficiency and productivity in your office environment. 

Support flexible working

Flexible working and hot-desking are becoming increasingly popular with modern businesses. Storage lockers are essential in flexible work environments as they provide remote workers with a secure place to store their personal belongings when they visit the office.

The future of lockers: smart locker solutions

Smart lockers are becoming the norm in modern office environments. Here are five reasons why smart solutions are the future of locker management: 

  1. Digitise locker management: Smart locker solutions digitise and streamline locker management and eliminate the need for manual keys and spreadsheets.
  2. Reduce admin time: Our smart lockers have been proven to reduce the admin time associated with locker management by around 94%.
  3. Improve security: Smart lockers are more secure and help to reduce workplace theft.  
  4. Increase productivity: Managers and employees will have more time to focus on core business tasks when you streamline locker management with smart locks. 
  5. Enhance the employee experience: Our smart lockers give staff the flexibility to choose a locker that suits their needs on a particular day and book in advance via a user-friendly app. 

Learn more about smart lockers

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Brief History: When Were Lockers First Used in Offices?