‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers

‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers


The way businesses operate has changed dramatically in a short amount of time. Open and flexible workplaces, the demand for amenity-rich and smart working spaces, and the adoption of IoT technology require constant innovation from facility managers and building owners.


Knight Frank Promise, an innovative facilities management company that provides onsite management to commercial and residential properties, have met these changing demands head-on by investing in eLocker’s smart lockers at One Glass Wharf in Bristol.


Smart Lockers for Facilities Management

Following the pandemic, many businesses and commercial properties need to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Some changes included adopting open-plan layouts and shared facilities and switching to hoteling or hot-desking systems for a hybrid workforce.


While this has reduced costs significantly, it has created new security challenges and led to a loss of personal space for employees. This was particularly challenging for the Facilities Management team at One Glass Wharf.


The team were using coin operated lockers in their shared basement locker space, creating a myriad of locker management headaches. The locks originally installed in the locker area were particularly hard to manage as the lockers are far away from the reception and are shared by different tenants in the building. The original coin operated system made it impossible to integrate with access badges.


Knight Frank Promise needed a locker solution that was easier to manage that could give employees back their personal space and meet their need for flexibility and security at the same time. So, they turned to eLocker.


Digital Lockers For Digital Workplaces

“Working with eLocker has been a good move for us. Since implementing smart lockers, we’ve seen improved security and a boost in staff morale,” said one of the Knight Frank Promise building managers. “Our security team uses the online locker management system to have a complete and real-time view of what lockers are used and when. Plus, our staff are now more confident in leaving their belongings in lockers and love how they can access them using existing staff cards.”


eLocker offers a smart locker experience that can seamlessly integrate with existing fobs and access cards. This keyless approach enhanced the staff’s overall experience and provided facility managers with access to an innovative and secure online locker management system. The system now allows managers to effortlessly allocate or reassign lockers and gain real-time insights into locker usage, including who is using which locker and when.


eLocker played a key role in eliminating the time, money and effort the team spend tracking and replacing lost keys, or on outdated manual locker spreadsheets that make it difficult to determine locker availability. By harnessing the power of eLocker’s RFID and Bluetooth technologies, Knight Frank Promise were able to maximise space utilisation and enhance security, allowing them to make more informed decisions based on accurate locker usage data.

‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers

The Benefits of Smart Lockers For Facility Managers

Upgrading their lockers provided a host of benefits for Knight Frank Promise, including:


Improved Staff Well-Being

Since Knight Frank Promise started using eLocker, they have found that staff welfare has significantly improved. Staff feel more comfortable using on-site facilities such as the gym and are more likely to take advantage of perks, including cycling to work, now that they have access to a safe space to store their personal belongings, mobile phones and other valuables.


Simple Integration with Existing Systems

Knight Frank Promise integrated their smart lockers with existing swipe cards. Staff use the same card to access the building and purchase lunch to access their belongings inside their locker.


Convenient Online eLocker Management System

Knight Frank Promise found the online eLocker management system particularly useful. Front-of-house staff can easily assign/reassign lockers, while security teams have real-time visibility of locker allocations. The system provides facility managers with the insights they need to make data-led decisions while simultaneously ensuring that occupants are safer.


They also use the online system to quickly remove inactive people from lockers and free them up for visitors and new employees.


Time Savings

Smart lockers reduce the time the Knight Frank Promise facility team spends on retrieving lost keys or forgotten combinations. Thanks to the online system, generating and reviewing reports and relevant data related to users, rights and usage is easy.


Clean and Efficient Workspace

Smart lockers provide employees with a safe, centralised storage solution for staff that reduces the amount of bags, jackets and personal items left around the office or reception area, improving the overall aesthetic of the workplace and providing staff with peace of mind.


Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention

With smart lockers, facility managers like Knight Frank Promise can effectively mitigate the risk of theft and unauthorised access. The integration of RFID and Bluetooth technologies ensures that only authorised individuals can access the lockers, reducing the chances of valuable items being lost or stolen from office lockers. Companies can even set different levels of access to ensure that only employees with the appropriate authorization can access the contents.


Improved Space Utilisation

Unlike conventional mechanical metal lockers, smart lockers use space optimally by eliminating the need for unnecessary lockers. By calculating how many staff use the lockers during a specific shift, companies can determine exactly how many lockers are needed to accommodate everyone. This reduces costs as well as wasted space.


In addition, smart storage solutions can be configured and customised to fit specific spatial requirements, ensuring efficient use of valuable real estate and optimising floor space for facility managers.


Efficient Maintenance and Support

Mechanical staff lockers require frequent repair or replacement due to wear and tear. eLocker’s smart lockers are designed for durability and require minimal maintenance. Facility managers can enjoy the benefits of a reliable locker system that reduces the need for constant repairs or replacements, ultimately saving time and resources.


The Knight Frank team also praised the support from eLocker, noting that the helpdesk response was quick and efficient.


Compliance and Audit Trail

The online locker management system provides a comprehensive audit trail, allowing Knight Frank Promise to comply with regulations and track locker usage.


Seamless Integration with IoT Infrastructure

eLocker’s smart lockers can seamlessly integrate with existing IoT infrastructure within the facility. This integration enables enhanced connectivity, enabling facility managers to monitor locker usage and receive real-time notifications or alerts for security purposes.


End Result

Since switching to the smart eLocker system, Knight Frank Promise have experienced a significant reduction in bottlenecks and admin time while enjoying the benefits of an improved employee experience. They also passed this innovative technological development to their customers, ensuring better use of their storage space and time while reducing security threats. “As a business, smart lockers allow us to be more agile and we look to implement them in further sites,” a building manager of Knight Frank Promise concludes.

‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers

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‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers

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‘Knight Frank Promise’ Revolutionises Facilities Management with Digital Lockers