Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola

Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola
Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola

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eLocker Helps Motorola Keep City of London Police Safe with Smart Radio Lockers



“eLocker has been absolutely spot on,” Webster says. “We have various service level agreements with eLocker that have worked well. eLocker met our requirements, had a great online management platform and was UK-hosted, making it an obvious solution.” 

Smart Lockers for Airwave Radios 

Tetra Airwave Radios provide a reliable and instantaneous means of communication between police officers. In critical situations and emergencies, radio communication can provide a critical lifeline to much-need support for officers and the members of the public they need to protect. 


But what happens if a radio breaks or runs out of battery power in the field? 

Motorola Solutions have supplied the City of London police with Airwave radios for several years. Still, they could not develop a satisfactory solution to dealing with battery swaps or breakages in the field. Motorola needed to supply frontline officers with replacement radios quickly, efficiently and conveniently. 


To fix this, Motorola implemented smart Police Radio Management Lockers for hot swaps to support their managed service with the City of London Police.


Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola

The Challenge

The City of London police force relied on an internal team of four staff members to issue replacement radios. However, these staff members operated on a strict nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday schedule. That meant that if an officer’s radio stopped working on a Friday, they would have to wait until Monday morning to get a replacement, posing a potential risk to life and danger to the public. 


Matt Webster, Frameworks and Propositions Manager at Motorola Solutions, states that the company used lockers to dispense replacement stock radios. “If members of the police force could access replacement radios independently (without relying on in-office staff) via a locker, it would eliminate the need to pay for additional staff after hours and over weekends and reduce the risk of officers’ safety,” he explains. 


While Motorola had previously deployed their own locker system, but it wasn’t effective. They started looking at the smart locker market to find a supplier to support them to supply smart lockers for radio management in the UK


“We looked at several smart locker solutions, but many had databases or networks abroad, which we are contractually prohibited from using,” Webster explains. “eLocker met our requirements, had a great online management platform and were UK-hosted, making it an obvious solution.”


The Solution

Thanks to eLocker, Motorola can supply the City of London Police Force with a replacement radio system with a one-hour turnaround. Officers contact the Motorola Managed Services team and receive a pin to the smart locker where the radios are kept. The user collect a radio and places it in a docking system which programmes the radio to the individual police officer. 

Officers can also collect replacement batteries for their radios from different lockers if required, as personal issue batteries only last eight hours of a twelve-hour shift. 

“eLocker smart lockers provide easy access to radios in a potentially dangerous situation. They are particularly useful during special events like the Coronation, where extra staff are called in, and many officers work overtime,” says Webster. 


The Benefits of Using Smart Lockers in the Field

In addition to its application in the City of London Police Force, eLocker’s smart locker solution offers another valuable use case for police and emergency services, providing quick access to critical equipment in the field:


Rapid Equipment Replacement

In emergency situations, equipment failure can have severe consequences. With eLocker’s smart lockers, emergency service personnel can quickly and conveniently access replacement radios, batteries, or other essential equipment, reducing downtime and minimising operational disruptions.


24/7 Availability

Unlike traditional equipment issuing systems that rely on limited staff availability, eLocker’s smart lockers are accessible around the clock. Officers can retrieve necessary equipment during off-hours, weekends, or public holidays.


Increased Officer Safety

By eliminating the need to wait for replacement equipment, eLocker’s solution reduces potential safety risks. Immediate access to functioning radios or critical tools enhances situational awareness, communication, and coordination, enabling officers to respond effectively to emergencies.


Customisable Configurations

eLocker’s smart lockers can be tailored to accommodate various types of equipment, such as radios, body-worn cameras, medical supplies, or specialised tools used by emergency service personnel. The lockers can be configured to meet specific organisational needs, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.


Enhanced Accountability and Tracking

Each transaction within the eLocker system is recorded, allowing for better accountability and tracking of equipment usage. This feature helps ensure that equipment is properly managed, reduces the risk of loss or theft, and enables efficient inventory management for emergency service agencies.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

eLocker’s online management system provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Managers can track locker usage and equipment availability and generate reports to gain insights into usage patterns, identify potential issues, and optimise resource allocation.


Working with eLocker 

Webster had high praise for the account managers and team who supported Motorola throughout the entire implementation. 


“Issues were solved very quickly. We experienced some user errors in the beginning as we all got used to the system, but whenever we needed anything, eLocker was readily available and keen to help and investigate,” he says. 


According to Webster, there was one instance where they requested a site visit which was carried out . 


“Our whole IT team was involved and couldn’t find a solution. Luckily our account manager Nick quickly came to the rescue and investigated the problem in person. It turns out that our antennas were pointing the wrong way, and Nick was able to fix the issue immediately with minimal fuss.” 


Despite the initial hiccup, Webster says the online portal and the lockers work well. 


“I would support any future releases and appreciate the improvements that are continually being made,” he says.



Smart lockers have the potential to transform the delivery of critical equipment to police officers and emergency services throughout the entire UK. Thanks to eLocker’s smart and secure locker system, The City of London Police can access replacement radios or spares within one hour instead of days. Motorola emphasised their willingness to collaborate with eLocker and offer smart lockers to other customers in emergency services and policing. 

“eLocker has been absolutely spot on,” Webster says. “We have various service level agreements in place with eLocker that have worked well. If there’s any development work we need to be done, the team is always available and willing to come up with a solution.” 

Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola

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Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola

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Radio Management Lockers for CoLP / Motorola