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eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers

We often have customers reach out who have started a project with an Apex solution but soon realise the costs of implementing them are really high. Or they have been let down by Apex’s decision to move their offices to the USA, leaving UK customers out on a limb

eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers
eLocker is the most simple to use, intuitive, cost-effective, and scalable locker system avaliable on the market. Our smart locker locks can be retrofitted into your exsisting lockers at scale
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eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers
An old-school wired locker system that runs using a screen based controller to run up to 50 lockers, and an online system which is known to be overly complicated and hard to use

What makes eLocker the best alternative?

Direct locker collection

Unlike the Apex system, each locker door has an RFID reader, allowing users to collect assets directly from each locker instead of using a screen, which causes a bottleneck during shift changes

Our pricing is better

eLocker is wireless; this makes our system and our locker much less complicated and less expensive to manufacture and support; this difference is passed on to you, with much more cost-effective pricing

Much more flexible

Here at eLocker, our development team is on hand to make updates and changes to our appplication, creating integrations that work seamlessly with your internal systems

Built like your favourite apps

We make it easy to get started with eLocker – we’ve designed our online locker management system for use by anyone, regardless of their technical ability

A High Level comparison
for you

Device collection directly from the lockertick
Requirement for 1 gateway per 250 lockersYesRequires more gateways and
Simple to use online systemYesManagement systems are
complicated and hard to use
Runs on 4GYesYes
Available as a rental /operational leaseYesYes
Can be installed into new lockers if neededYesYes
Customisable reportsAll PlansLimited, higher plans
Wireless and easy to installtick
eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers

The most needed features at an affordable price

The features you need: No more, no less

eLocker gives you all the features you’ll ever need, at a lower cost and with more accessible support than a wired locker solution provides. Why drown yourself in dozens of features you’re never going to use?

Rather than create a ton of flashy bells and whistles, we decided to fully optimise the tools you’ll actually use and forget about burdening you with too many unnecessary distractions. We keep things simple so you can focus on the things that matter

How we shape up

Built like your favourite Apps

eLocker is built by geeks, not FOR geeks.  Our locker management system is devilishly simple to use, reducing  costs and getting you up and running in a heartbeat.

eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers

We support globally

With a network of global partners in Europe, the USA, and APAC, we can support a global rollout and standardise your solution easily

Want to see eLocker in action?

Tell us a bit more about your business and use case, then our experts will guide you through the process to see if smart locks are a good fit for you.

eLocker vs Apex Asset Tracking Lockers