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Device Management lockers

Smart Device Lockers that stop you hunting for equipment

Give your teams access to equipment through their shift, or their day in the office. They collect and return equipment out of the same locker, with a 2 Factor authenticated return


Know who used what and when

01. Upload Staff

Managers upload staff Ids into the online locker manager.

02. Choose Locker

Staff choose any free locker indicated by a device in the locker

03. Collect a Device

Staff touch their ID card to the door to start the session.

04. Return a Device

Staff touch an RFID tag on the device, and their card to return

05. Reports & Analytics

View usage information in the online analytics package.

Asset Management Lockers

Creating Accountability For

Smart device management locks create accountability for almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras etc.

Asset Management Lockers

Know who used what when

Asset Management Lockers

Stop loss, theft and damage

Asset Management Lockers

Keep your equipment safe and tracked

How it works

Learn how eLocker manages devices for day use, or for personal issue

Two Factor Accountability

Know who took a device, and when they returned it.

Two factor returns give 100% accountability for your mission critical equipment by ensuring the person who collected it is also returning it. eLocker, the only system with 2 factor returns

Choose Locker

Choose the device you want from a locker by looking through the window, our LED’s make it easy to see

Touch Badge to Collect

Use your personal access badge to collect the device, making a log of who took the device, at what time

Touch Device to Return

Return by touching the device you collected, and your personal badge. A secure, 2 factor device return

Allocated Smart Lockers

What's the cost of inaction?

With the rising costs of devices, there is now a greater need than ever to protect them and extend their lifespan.

Asset Management Lockers

Create 100% Accountability

By tracking usage data in real time, eLocker gives you 100% accountability for your equipment, as in, who used it and when they returned it

Asset Management Lockers

Totally self-service

Your team simply choose a locker with a device in, touch their card and collect. No need for screens, waiting times or managers to hand out equipment

Asset Management Lockers

Real usage analytics

eLocker Analytics delivers real insights into your device utilisation, giving you real data to make purchasing decisions and understand how your kit is used

Asset Management Lockers

A proven ROI

Our smart device management system is proven to generate an ROI within just a few months, making the business case super easy to prove

No more Bottleneck​

Badge on the door – not on the screen

When comparing the solutions, eLocker direct door collection means that many people can collect at any time, rather than queuing to use a screen. Traditional locker systems are 30 or 40 lockers per screen. with eLocker – just collect from the door

Staff Flow with centralised screen

Asset Management Lockers

Staff Flow with eLocker

Asset Management Lockers

Locker managment

Full Online Analytics

If you’re curious about how your lockers are being used, you can use our locker management system to manipulate usage data and get a more factual (and less emotional) sense of locker use.

Asset Management Lockers


TEA2 Compliance for Airwave Radios and ESN

Smart lockers for Radios and ESN Equipment keep you compliant, ensure that custody logs, usage information and audits are available easily, in a dedicated equipment management locker system

Benefits you receive

Thanks to us, you will get many benefits

Asset Management Lockers

Real usage data

We’ve created an analytics solution that provides real-time insights into your locker usage data. Giving you a full view of your locker usage across the whole of your organisation

Asset Management Lockers

Use existing access card

eLocker incorporates nearly all access badge technologies, eliminating the need for keys, pin codes or screens. Keeping up with your one card policy

Asset Management Lockers

Digital security

eLocker is GDPR compliant, ISO27001 documented and OWASP tested to make sure or solution is fully secure

Asset Management Lockers

Space saving

In general, 20-30% of lockers aren’t used. This means you can reduce the size of your locker areas and use that space for offices or warehouse space

Asset Management Lockers

Self allocation

No more manual allocations! Self-service smart lockers make it more convenient
for staff, and save you time
in the process.

Asset Management Lockers

Increasead productivity

By automating manual processes, you can re-allocate administrative roles to more productive tasks.

Asset Management Lockers

Save money

eLocker has proven to save time when managing lockers by removing around 94% of the admin time.

Asset Management Lockers

Quick delivery

Manual audits are no longer needed , as eLocker manager logs every action on your smart lockers.

Need some more detail?

To learn more, get in touch with our smart locker experts to discuss your project and find out more about the system