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Smart Locker Software

Smart locker solutions available whether you want to protect your devices or improve staff experience and reduce management time in a number of sectors

Smart Locker Software Workflows

Smart locker software for staff lockers, no hassle locker management

Create 100% accountability for your shared assets with multi factor returns

Bluetooth enabled smart locks, operated by your smartphone or tablet

Deliver personal and business items through Amazon-style parcel lockers

Let your team and your tenants accept deliveries with smart parcel lockers

Day use of drug packages, or delivery of prescriptions to patients

Super Smart Lockers For

Software Overview

Smart Staff Office Lockers

Remove the need for keys or combination locks by upgrading your staff lockers. Integrating with your access cards, reduce your locker management time by 94% and gain daily usage analytics on your lockers

Software Overview

Smart Staff Warehouse Lockers

Ensure that your locker usage is flexible and can support multi-shift operations, helping you to regain valuable minutes at shift changeover, improving security and creating a better experience for your staff, all paired with a market-leading data package.

Software Overview

Smart Device Management Lockers

Use smart locks to get full visibility of your devices. See which member of staff used what device and when, creating full accountability and reducing device loss by 99%, as well as saving crucial minutes at the start of shift

My smart locker software is not listed?

We have a range of options for other customers, the above are just the most popular. Get in touch to ask how we can support your project