Smart Lockers

Our standard range of smart lockers is perfect for demos and pilots.
Post-pilot, work with our design team to create smart lockers that fit your business needs.


Your pilot usage data will ensure your rollout lockers match perfectly with your requirements, making your smart locker solution truly ‘smart’.

Smart Lockers Dedicated to Your Sector

With our extensive electronic locker experience, we can tailor solutions for just about any trade. We work with solicitor offices, tech giants, Chartered Accountancy firms, retail stores, public service offices, education centres, and many other businesses to provide solutions suited to their needs.

Smart lockers

Save space, time, and money by automating smart lockers for staff lockers and your device management process.

Smart lockers

Smart lockers for your office to support hybrid working and hot desk working policies

Smart lockers

Smart locker solution for device management in store, and providing click and collect lockers for customers

Smart lockers

We automate the smart lockers for staff and assets for some of the world’s largest factories…

Smart lockers

Critical device management, drug storage and automated smart lockers for Emergency Services

Smart lockers

Device lockers for loaning equipment, and fully automated smart lockers for students and staff

Fully Customisable Smart Lockers

Smart lockers

Optional Screen

eLocker automated lockers do not need a screen, but we can include one if you require

Smart lockers


Lockers can be numbered or named to suit your brand / business.

screenless click and collect lockers
Smart lockers


Lockers are available as steel or MFC as per your project requirements

Smart lockers

The Design

We can produce automated lockers in any size, shape or colour

Choose Your Material

Steel Lockers

Our standard range of steel smart lockers cover most asset management or staff locker applications, or can be customised for your project

Smart lockers

MFC Lockers

Usually for office locker projects, we have a range of standard MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) smart lockers, but we can also retrofit our system to a client’s current hardware when required.

Smart lockers
Smart lockers

The most needed features at an affordable price

The features you need:
No more, no less

eLocker gives you all the features you’ll ever need in smart lockers, at a lower cost and with more accessible support than a key and barrel solution.


Rather than create a ton of flashy bells and whistles, we decided to fully optimise the tools you’ll actually use and forget about burdening you with too many unnecessary distractions. We keep things simple so you can focus on the things that matter

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Workflows available on your smart
lockers management system

Our electronic lockers are suited for different workflows. You can assign each employee a locker and provide them a secure, digitally protected personal space for their valuables. You can assign lockers by the day, week, or hour – and our smart technology will keep track of logging and access for you. You can also assign team members access to shared lockers where they pick up and drop off hardware or store sensitive documents. Our smart technology gives you the data you need for compliance with data storage regulations.

Smart staff lockers, taking the hassle out of automated locker system management

Create 100% accountability for your shared assets with multi factor returns

Bluetooth enabled smart locks, operated by your smartphone or tablet

Deliver personal and business items through Amazon-style parcel lockers

Let your team and your tenants accept deliveries with parcel lockers

Day use of drug packages, or delivery of prescriptions to patients


Full Online Analytics

If you’re curious about how your smart locker setup is being used, you can use our locker management system to manipulate usage data and get a more factual (and less emotional) sense of locker use.

Smart lockers
Smart lockers

Opened by your access badge, and your phone

Quickly and easily integrate eLocker electronic lockers with your company access badge system for unlimited access control, maximum security and a truly future proofed solution.

Frequently Asked Question

You asked questions about our smart locker systems, we answered. Here are the top 5 questions we get about eLocker

How can eLocker save me space?

eLocker can save you space by using analytics and usage data to optimise the use of locker space.


For example, if a company knows that staff only come into the office 2-3 times a week, they reduce the number of electronic lockers on site.


Additionally, eLocker can detect when a locker is in use.


This information can be used to determine which lockers are used most often and which ones could be repurposed or removed completely.


On average we find customers only need 20-30% of lockers. To headcount.

Is eLocker secure?

Yes, absolutely – eLocker uses military grade AES 128byte encryption for communication over Bluetooth to our locks.

We regularly OWASP test our online platform and are working towards an ISO27001 certification, we are also fully GDPR compliant.

How long do the batteries last in the locks?

In short, 5 – 10 years.


We know that companies offering wired locker solutions say that you will end up replacing batteries in wireless locks every 6 months.


However, we can confirm, with a 70 page report on battery usage and with a large amount of confidence that this information is incorrect!


In theory, our standard smart locker will last up to 20 years with a set of 3 x AA batteries. In practice we expect our smart lockers to last between 5 -10 years.

Does eLocker use any personal data?

We have a few options in the system. The first is the least amount of data possible, where we only store a card number and an ID number for a person, such as a payroll or employee number.


The second option is to use what we like to call ‘business card data’. Basically, no more information than can be found on the internet; first name, last name, email.


This is the standard amount of information we store on the system for users – We can also add mobile phone numbers in the system if required.


eLocker is fully GDPR compliant so any data you do store with us is completely safe.


For more information you can view our privacy policy.

Want to see eLocker in action?

Get in touch with the team to discuss your use case and to see how we can help you with an electronic locker management system

Smart lockers