Why We Have Built a Retrofittable Smart Lock

When companies want to upgrade their on-site lockers with smart locks, they find that they need to need to replace every locker on their site. Locker replacements are often required because most intelligent locks are hardwired into lockers, so the old lockers need to be upgraded to support the hardware.

Replacing your entire fleet of lockers is impractical and expensive!

So we built a retrofittable smart lock that saves you money and performs as well as anything else on the market.

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Why we built a retrofittable smart lock

There is a wide range of smart lock systems on the market today; however, as a general rule, they must be hardwired into the locker during manufacture. Hardwiring smart locks is not only expensive from a manufacturing perspective, it also hits your IT team with a huge project to put network controllers in place and often to set up IP addresses for each locker door. What a pain…

Innovative companies looking to upgrade and enjoy the numerous financial benefits of smart lockers are forced to purchase a whole suite of expensive new lockers.

This is a costly, inefficient, and frankly unnecessary route.

We built our retrofit smart lock to offer companies a cost-effective alternative. So you can have all the benefits of smart lockers with none of the expense of hardwired ‘solutions’.

Meeting your sustainability targets

The need to replace all of your existing lockers is not only expensive and highly impactful on your operation, it is also completely unsustainable. Most lockers have a lifespan of over 10 years, so replacing them when they are a few years old to put in a wired smart locker system makes no sense at all…

Our retrofittable solution is the perfect way to reuse your old lockers and keep your company sustainable

Out with the old

Hardwired locks have been an industry standard for many years now, but this doesn’t mean they’re the only option. Why should companies looking to grow with innovative technologies be forced to pay above and beyond what is necessary?

Purchasing and installing replacement lockers defeats the point of cost-saving innovation in the first place. So, we looked at the market and thought: “Why don’t we just build a retrofit lock? One that customers can quickly install into their existing units to save time, money, and hassle?”

Turns out there was no good reason. So we did it. 

Quick & affordable solution

Manufacturers typically offer two solutions when companies want to upgrade their on-site locker with smart locks:

  1. An all-singing, all-dancing hardwired lock
  2. A feature-light wireless system

The former is functional but expensive to maintain. The latter is trendy but it can be ineffective.

Any retrofit smart lock had to be easy to install and inexpensive to the customer – those were the minimum requirements. But we wanted to go beyond that. Our hardwired lock was a rich, full-featured system that our customers love, and our retrofit system needed to offer the same quality.

If a retrofit lock didn’t offer the same convenience and economic benefits as the hardwired one, then we wouldn’t be comfortable offering it to our customers.

A worthy product

The end result is something that we – and so far, our customers – are very happy with. We can install hundreds of retrofit smart locks in a single day with almost no disruption to your business.

The smart locks are easy to use (contactless access cards, no bulky manual keys) and have been shown to improve business efficiency and remove around 94% of the admin time associated with managing lockers.

Even better, the purchase and installation of these locks are just a fraction of the price of replacing the full locker system. And that’s just the initial cost.

Over the long term, every customer will reap significant financial savings when compared to running a system of manual keys and locks. Especially because faults, lost keys, and repairs cost larger businesses millions of pounds a year.

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Why did we build a retrofittable smart lock for businesses? Because the market demanded one, and our customers deserved one.

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