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Why Smart Lockers Are The Future Of Modern Offices

Lockers are an office must. They provide employees with a secure place to store their valuables and reduce the need for desk-based storage. However, the way most companies manage lockers is outdated and labour-intensive, costing large businesses millions of pounds every year.  

Smart lockers offer a solution to this problem and enable businesses to streamline locker management, reduce associated admin costs, and improve the employee experience. 

Here are some of the top reasons why smart lockers are the future of modern offices:

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Smart lockers eliminate keys and spreadsheets

Traditional locker management relies on manual keys and spreadsheets. This approach to locker management is outdated, time-consuming, and expensive. Our smart locker system digitises and streamlines locker management and eliminates the need for keys and spreadsheets, helping you create a more efficient and cost-effective work environment. 

Smart lockers improve employee engagement

Smart lockers can improve employee engagement and morale by giving your team more flexibility when it comes to locker allocation. Our hot desk lockers give staff the freedom to choose a locker in advance and access it via a convenient self-service solution. Tech-like smart lockers can enhance the employee experience and boost engagement in the workplace.

A recent study by Gallup found that companies with high levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable and 21% more productive when compared to companies with low levels of engagement. It, therefore, pays to focus on employee engagement and smart lockers can help you improve engagement levels in the workplace. 

Smart lockers reduce locker management costs

Upgrading to smart lockers can significantly reduce your locker management costs. Last year, one of our major clients recouped 81% of its annual spending on locker management and reported significant improvement in staff productivity and enjoyment. Our smart lockers have been proven to remove around 94% of the admin time when managing lockers. 

Smart lockers are more secure

The latest statistics reveal that employee theft costs UK businesses £190m a year. Workplace theft is a common issue that can have a significant impact on productivity, profits, and employee morale. Smart lockers offer more security than traditional lockers and give you complete control over your locker fleet.

Our smart lockers help to reduce theft and false loss claims by providing live usage data and accurate audits. This allows you to track locker usage in real-time and creates more autonomy and accountability in the workplace. 


There is no need for modern companies to continue using manual keys and spreadsheets for locker management. Our locker management system will bring your business into the digital age and reduce the time and costs associated with locker allocation and management.

Check out our company brochure if you’d like to learn more about how smart lockers could improve your business or get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your locker requirements. We are always happy to help!

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Why Smart Lockers Are The Future Of Modern Offices