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Why Locker Retrofitting is the Key to Modernising Your Workspace

Modern companies are increasingly moving away from traditional static workspaces and embracing agile working. Smart technology is being utilised by businesses across a wide range of industries to optimise processes and support flexible work environments. 

Lockers are a must in busy office environments and smart office lockers are replacing outdated storage solutions and becoming the new norm. 

Here are the reasons why locker retrofitting is the key to modernising your workspace. 

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Use existing lockers

The most attractive benefit of locker retrofitting is that it allows you to use your existing lockers without having to pay to replace your entire locker fleet. 

Unfortunately, many smart lock systems on the market today must be hardwired into the locker during manufacture which is an expensive and time-consuming project. 

This is where eLocker is different – our retrofitting service allows you to transform your old lockers into smart lockers.


Locker lock replacement is much more cost-effective than buying a new wired locker system. Locker retrofitting will give you maximum returns for minimal investment. 

Once installed, eLocker’s smart lockers have been proven to remove around 94% of the admin time when managing lockers, translating into tangible cost savings.

Low operational impact

Our retrofitting service has an extremely fast turnaround. Locker lock replacement takes roughly 45 seconds, so we can get you up and running in no time.

You can also choose to upgrade your office lockers and swap locks gradually to reduce the operational impact and ensure minimal disruption to your business.  


Most office lockers have a lifespan of 10 years or more, so replacing them when they become outdated after just a few years is extremely unsustainable. 

Our retrofittable solution is the perfect way to reuse and repurpose your existing storage solution and reduce your company’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

How does locker retrofitting work?

At eLocker, we understand that replacing your entire fleet of office lockers is impractical and expensive! This is why we built a retrofittable smart lock that can integrate with your existing locker system. 

We simply remove the old locks from your existing lockers and replace them with our smart eLocks. You can then install our bluetooth gateways and start managing your office lockers remotely using our online management dashboard. 

Click here to learn more about our retrofit locks. 

Find out more about locker retrofitting

Our innovative eLock allows you to upgrade your existing locker fleet and enjoy the numerous financial benefits of smart lockers, without being forced to purchase a whole suite of expensive new office lockers. 

Book a call with our team if you would like to discuss a project or find out more about our locker lock replacement service. 

Want to see eLocker in action?

Tell us a bit more about your business and use case, then our experts will guide you through the process to see if smart locks are a good fit for you.

Why Locker Retrofitting is the Key to Modernising Your Workspace