Why Contactless Parcel Delivery Is The New Normal

With more people than ever shopping online, efficient delivery to homes and offices is a must. Parcel lockers improve last-mile delivery and offer a contactless and convenient delivery alternative. More retailers and customers are embracing contactless parcel deliveries and it is believed that this delivery method will continue to grow in popularity.


Let’s look at the reasons why contactless parcel delivery is becoming the new normal:

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Convenient parcel collection

Contactless parcel lockers help retailers improve last-mile delivery and give customers the freedom to collect packages at a time and place that is convenient. Customers have greater flexibility over their shopping, which encourages them to spend more online.


Parcel lockers store parcels securely until they are collected. When the parcel arrives, the customer is sent a notification with a unique code that they can use to access the locker and collect their package.


This eliminates the need to rearrange missed deliveries or collect parcels from postal depots. Using parcel lockers can improve the parcel delivery experience by allowing customers to retrieve their parcels via an easy-to-use self-service solution.

Cheaper shipping fees

Contactless parcel delivery is less expensive than traditional delivery methods as couriers don’t have to make deliveries to lots of individual addresses. Retailers can pass these savings onto customers and offer cheaper shipping fees. A report by BigCommerce found that offering free shipping can increase the average order value by 30%.

Easier returns

Another benefit of contactless parcel delivery is that it makes returns much more efficient and cost-effective. Customers simply place the return label on their parcel, scan the label at the parcel locker station, and then put the parcel back in the locker to be collected.


This allows customers to return items when it’s convenient for them without having to visit stores or arrange parcel pick-up. Retailers can then process returns at a suitable time and minimise the impact on staff productivity and profits.


Like free shipping, customers love a free returns policy and will often choose companies that offer free shipping over those that don’t. Having a free returns policy helps to build stronger customer relationships and encourages customers to spend more money online.

Greener delivery method

Contactless parcel delivery reduces the number of routes that couriers have to follow and increases first-time delivery success. Retailers who utilise parcel locker delivery methods contribute to lower carbon emissions by creating a greener and more efficient delivery process.


It has never been more crucial to protect the environment and reduce pollution. Parcel lockers can help e-commerce become greener by promoting sustainability. Adopting greener delivery methods can give retailers a competitive advantage, especially if they are targeting eco-conscious consumers.


Retail businesses were hit with an unprecedented surge in e-commerce demand at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This forced retailers to rethink their delivery methods and adapt their services to meet increasing demand and consumer expectations.


More and more retailers and customers are embracing this alternative delivery method and it is believed that parcel locker delivery with increase significantly in the coming years.


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Why Contactless Parcel Delivery Is The New Normal