What Does Retrofit Mean?

Retrofitting is a method for businesses to upgrade their existing systems and improve the efficiency of their processes without significant investment. It is the most cost-effective and convenient way to introduce new technology and increase productivity and profits. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about retrofitting including what it is and how a retrofittable smart lock can benefit your business.

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What is retrofitting?

In business terms, retrofitting can be described as the process of implementing new technology or features to existing systems. Retrofitting can involve everything from extending a building to upgrading software to improve business efficiency. 


Retrofitting is a sustainable and affordable way for companies to upgrade their processes, facilities or technologies. Check out this article by the European Commission for more information on retrofitting and the benefits for businesses. 

Why did we build a retrofittable smart lock?

Smart lockers are becoming increasingly popular and many businesses are upgrading their manual lockers with intelligent systems. The problem is that most smart locks are hard-wired into lockers, meaning companies are often told they will need to replace their entire locker fleet to upgrade – a process that is time-consuming and expensive.

We built a retrofittable smart lock so that businesses can enjoy the numerous benefits of a smart locker system without the expense of hard-wired solutions.

What are the benefits of smart lockers?

  • Reduced admin time – Our smart lockers have been proven to reduce the admin time associated with managing lockers by an impressive 94%.
  • Employee experience – Smart lockers enhance the employee experience by offering staff a flexible, self-service storage solution.
  • Financial savings – Smart lockers can lead to significant financial savings when compared to running a system of manual keys and locks. You will spend less money on maintenance, replacing lost keys, etc.
  • Analytics – A smart locker system will track locker usage and provide you with valuable insights into your locker system. This eliminates the need for manual locker audits and helps you make the best use of your on-site locker storage.

How does locker retrofitting work?

Our retrofitting service allows you to make use of your existing lockers and upgrade to smart technology at a fraction of the cost of installing a new locker system.


We simply remove the old locks from your lockers and replace them with our retrofit smart locks. This process takes less than a minute. You can then connect your smart lockers to our online management dashboard and enjoy all the benefits of a fully-automated smart locker system.


Another great benefit of retrofitting is that you can replace your locks over time to reduce the impact on your operations and productivity. Our retrofitting service can be tailored to your business to minimise disruption and ensure optimal efficiency. 

Learn more about locker retrofitting

Get in touch with the locker experts at eLocker if you would like to discuss how our retrofittable smart lock can streamline locker management and maximise your return on investment. Explore our site to learn more about eLocker, our products, and what we can do for your business.

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What Does Retrofit Mean?