What Does it Mean to Have a Smart Office?

Smart technology is no longer reserved for big corporations and high-tech startups. Businesses of all sizes are using innovative smart technology to automate processes and improve workplace productivity. 

Innovation is essential for business success and companies should utilise smart tech to remain competitive in the modern business world. 

But what does a smart office actually look like? Here is everything you need to know…

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What is a smart office?

Tech experts at Smartway2.com describe smart offices as “workplaces that use technology to help elevate employees’ productivity and optimise workplace experience.” 

Smart offices utilise a variety of tools and technologies to automate processes and improve efficiency. Smart office technology can include video conferencing tools, desk reservation software, and smart locker systems

What are the benefits of going smart?

Adding smart technology to your office can bring about many benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of going smart:

  • Improve efficiency – Smart technology is designed to make everyday business processes more efficient. For instance, intelligent lockers can automate locker management, saving your team valuable time and resources. 
  • Boost employee morale – Smart tools improve the employee experience and give staff more flexibility and freedom in the workplace. This will help you create a positive workplace culture and retain skilled employees. 
  • Reduce energy consumption – Technology like smart lighting and temperature control can help businesses reduce their energy consumption and save money on utility bills.

Key features of a smart workplace

There is a huge variety of smart technology available to businesses. Here are 3 common features of a smart workplace.

1. Smart office lockers

Lockers are an office must but traditional locker systems can be costly and inefficient. Smart office lockers streamline and automate locker management, reduce associated admin costs, and improve the overall employee experience. 

Check out our recent article for more information on why smart lockers are the future of modern offices

2. Desk reservation software

Desk reservation software makes it easy for employees to find and book a personal desk or workspace. Team members have the flexibility to reserve a workspace that will suit their needs before they arrive in the office. This increases productivity and improves space efficiency. 

Video monitoring

Businesses can use video monitoring tools to monitor various locations in real-time from anywhere. This improves workplace security and encourages autonomy in the office environment. 


Business technology has advanced rapidly over the years and many businesses are updating their offices with smart tech to streamline processes and improve workplace productivity

Creating a smart office might be easier than you think! Get in touch with the experts at eLocker if you want to discuss how a smart locker system could revamp your office space by automating locker management. 

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