Warehouse Facilities Managers Handbook to Hygiene Protocols

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of effective sanitation and it has never been more important to keep work environments clean. Facilities managers have a duty to protect their staff by maintaining high standards of hygiene in the workplace.


Keeping warehouses clean can be an overwhelming task given their size and the nature of their operations. Warehouse facilities can quickly become dirty and dangerous if they are not maintained regularly.


Following basic hygiene protocols will protect your employees against common risks and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Here are some key steps you should take to keep your warehouse facility clean and safe.

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Create a COVID-secure work environment


COVID-19 has caused unparalleled disruption to businesses across a wide range of industries. Many warehouse facilities have been forced to close during the pandemic to comply with social distancing measures brought in to fight the spread of the virus.

The end of coronavirus is now in sight and social distancing restrictions are beginning to ease. Returning to the workplace will not be an easy process. Facilities managers must devise effective back to work strategies and create a COVID-secure environment to protect employees.

Social distancing rules must be followed and workstations should be kept clean and hygienic. Simple changes to your warehouse facility can reduce the risk of infection and help you maintain a COVID-secure environment.

For example, installing asset management lockers will allow you to protect and monitor warehouse equipment, maintain social distancing, and keep workstations clean/clutter-free. Smart lockers are more efficient than traditional lockers and provide greater flexibility and security.

Locker management software will remove the stress of locker systems by automating locker workflows. At eLocker, we offer several locker management systems including asset lockers and hot lockers. Each locker is contactless and allows you to manage lockers remotely.

Upgrading to a smart locker management system will help you maintain an efficient, safe, and COVID-secure environment.

Maintain a consistent cleaning schedule

Failing to plan a cleaning schedule can compromise the hygiene of your warehouse and put employees at risk. Setting a well-defined cleaning schedule will simplify the cleaning process and maintain high hygiene standards.


Daily cleaning tasks should include emptying warehouse bins, wiping down machinery, and disinfecting work surfaces. Use a warehouse cleaning checklist to ensure that cleaning tasks are completed each day.


Have cleaning supplies readily available and store equipment in an obvious location where it can be accessed easily. Make sure that you stock the appropriate cleaning products and tools in your warehouse facility.


Outsourcing your hygiene requirements to an external cleaning company will streamline warehouse cleaning. Professional cleaners can visit your facility and ensure that your warehouse is clean, hygienic, and risk-free.

Conduct regular hygiene & safety audits

Warehouse facilities managers are often the people responsible for conducting health and safety audits. Regular audits will highlight potential risks and give you a clear overview of hygiene standards in your facility. This data can be used to improve safety and hygiene standards.


You can utilise a warehouse auditing app to streamline the auditing process and improve warehouse safety. Warehouse Auditor provides user-friendly reporting templates that allow you to standardise inspections, identify risks, and maintain a safe and hygienic facility.

Encourage staff to follow good hygiene practice

You must encourage your staff to adopt good hygiene practices in the workplace. Simple changes to personal hygiene habits can improve workplace hygiene and protect your employees against the risk of infection.


Promote good hand hygiene standards by encouraging staff to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. Provide quality soap and give hand sanitiser to your employees. You should also encourage warehouse staff to keep their workstations and communal areas clean.


Place signs around your warehouse to remind employees of good hygiene practices. You can buy personal hygiene signs online to display in your warehouse facility.


Warehouse hygiene and cleanliness should be a top priority for all facilities manager. Maintaining high sanitation standards has never been so crucial and you must take steps to create a COVID-secure environment.

Maintaining a clean warehouse facility will increase productivity, reduce workplace hazards, and boost employee morale. Implement the above suggestions in your warehouse facility to maintain high hygiene standards and protect employees against common risks like COVID-19.

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Warehouse Facilities Managers Handbook to Hygiene Protocols