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Upgrade Your Office Lockers in 2022

The New Year is the perfect time to upgrade your office and create a smarter, more efficient workplace. Intelligent lockers optimise locker management and offer numerous benefits to both employers and employees. 

Transforming your existing lockers into smart lockers might be easier than you think, especially with the help of eLocker’s retrofitting service. Upgrade your office lockers and set your business up for success in 2022. 

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What are smart office lockers?

A smart office locker is a storage solution that has integrated technology built into it, allowing it to automate locker allocation and management. 

Unlike traditional lockers, smart lockers do not require keys or locks to open. At eLocker, our smart lockers offer a wireless solution that uses your existing access or staff ID cards to open your office lockers. 

They are also self-service which enhances the user experiences and reduces the admin burden of locker allocation and management. 

What are the benefits of smart office lockers?


Traditional lockers are expensive to run and issues such as repairs, replacement locker keys, and audits can cost big companies millions of pounds a year. 

Smart office lockers streamline and optimise processes and make locker management much more efficient. This leads to long-term cost savings for your business. 

For example, we recently achieved an 81% cost reduction for a UK client, as well as transforming their locker management effectiveness through implementing smart locker technology. 

Improved security

Traditional office lockers with keys can be broken into and they are not the most secure solution for your valuables and company assets.

Smart office lockers offer higher security as they are managed online via a dedicated dashboard. You can track who is using each smart locker in real-time which creates greater transparency and autonomy in the workplace. 

Higher productivity

Smart office lockers enhance the user experience and give employees the freedom to choose a locker that suits their needs. 

Your team members can reserve a smart locker online before they arrive at the office. They can get on with their work tasks without distraction and don’t need to waste time searching for an empty locker or finding a key. 

Smart office lockers will also encourage your staff to store their belongings away from the office floor and maintain a tidy workspace. According to medium.com, “a clean and organised work environment is vital for increasing business productivity.” 

How can I upgrade my office lockers in 2022?

The easiest way to upgrade your office lockers in 2022 is by using eLocker’s retrofitting service. 

We will simply swap your old key or combination locks with an eLock. You can then connect it to the internet wirelessly via our gateways and enjoy a fully managed smart locker system. This is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to upgrade your locker fleet. 

Book a call with our team if you would like to discuss upgrading your office lockers to smart office lockers in the New Year. 

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