The world of work is changing and many companies are adopting a hybrid working model. Employees want more flexibility, customer expectations are higher, and the business world is becoming increasingly competitive.


Hybrid working can help companies meet the demands of their employees and customers, reduce operational costs, and improve workplace productivity and profits. Introducing hybrid working can be a challenge and you need to support remote employees with the right tools and technology.


Smart lockers are the perfect addition to a hybrid working environment. Here are the top ways that smart lockers can support the new working-age we are now in.

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Automate locker management

Smart lockers utilise the latest technology to streamline locker management by replacing outdated keys and spreadsheets with digital processes. Locker allocation will be automated when you upgrade to smart lockers, saving your managers valuable time and resources. You will have complete control over your lockers via an easy-to-use online system.

Our smart locker solutions have been proven to reduce the admin time associated with locker management by an impressive 94%. This means that your managers and team members can focus on the activities that will drive business growth and profits.

Improve workplace security

Installing lockers is a great way to improve workplace security as they provide your employees with a safe place to store their personal belongings. Lockers can also be used to store valuable assets and other business equipment.

Contactless lockers are more secure than traditional lockers because they can only be accessed via a unique code or card. Smart locker systems also allow you to track locker usage in real-time, creating greater transparency in the workplace. This will help you avoid common locker issues like workplace theft and false loss claims.

Having a secure locker reassures employees that their belongings are safe. This means that they can focus on their work tasks without distractions.

Enhance the user experience

Our smart office lockers allow your staff to choose a locker via a convenient self-service solution. This enhances the user experience and gives your employees the freedom to pick a locker that suits their storage needs. A recent employment study found that improving the employee experience can result in 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability.

Smart lockers are fitted with remote locks that are keyless and efficient. This allows contactless entry using a code or a card. Smart lockers eliminate common locker issues such as lost keys or employees being unable to access lockers. This improves the user experience and reduces delays and other issues affecting productivity.

Track locker usage

It is difficult to track the usage of traditional lockers and this can result in office lockers being underused. Smart lockers provide live analytics and reporting that allows you to track locker usage in real-time and reassign lockers with ease. This is extremely important in hybrid working environments when employees are coming in and out of the office and sharing storage facilities.

Bottom line

Hybrid working is becoming the norm, with many businesses allowing their employees to split their time between the workplace and working remotely. Flexible working has been shown to increase productivity and engagement, resulting in higher sales and profit margins. That said, employers must adapt their working environments and provide tools to support remote workers. Smart lockers can be the perfect addition to hybrid working environments by providing staff with a secure and flexible place to store their belongings when they visit the office, however regularly that may be. Get in touch with our specialist team if you’d like to discuss how smart lockers could benefit your business. We are always happy to help!