Smart Technologies to Improve Your Office Environment

Smart offices are all the rage and the smart office market was valued at almost £25 billion in 2020. More companies are using smart tools to gain a competitive edge in their industry. 


What is a smart office? It’s a working environment that uses technology to boost efficiency and performance by streamlining processes and enabling employees to work more productively. 


Here are some of the most popular smart technologies being used in modern office environments. 

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Smart lockers

Employee lockers are a must in offices, especially in hybrid working environments. However, traditional lockers are typically slow, expensive and inefficient. The good news is that employers can quickly streamline and automate locker management by upgrading to smart lockers.

Our smart lockers have been shown to remove up to 94% of the admin time associated with locker management, leading to long-term tangible cost savings for our customers. We recently achieved an 81% cost reduction for a UK client after implementing smart locker technology.

You can check out more smart locker case studies and success stories here.

Smart lighting

Installing a smart lighting system can reduce energy usage by up to 80%, according to one provider. Smart lighting systems are connected to the internet and use sensors to automatically adjust office lighting based on factors like time of the day, weather conditions, and office occupancy.

Smart communication tools

Good communication is essential at all levels of an organisation. Traditional email is still the dominant form of communication used in most companies. However, smart offices are implementing real-time communication tools to enhance communication in the workplace. 


Some popular communication tools include instant messaging apps like Google Hangouts, web conferencing software, and social networks like Facebook Workplace. 

Smart HVAC systems

Studies show that temperature can have a direct impact on employee health and productivity. Many employees complain about their office being too hot or too cold and it’s important to strike the right balance! 

Similar to smart lighting systems, smart HVAC systems use wireless sensor technology to automatically adjust the temperature in your office. Smart HVAC systems can also monitor and adjust humidity levels, air quality, and other factors that can affect employee performance. 

Bottom line

Employers are increasingly turning to smart technology to improve workplace efficiency and meet their employees’ expectations and needs. Introducing smart technology like smart lockers and smart sensor systems will improve your office environment, enhance the employee experience, and ultimately, boost performance and profits. 

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Smart Technologies to Improve Your Office Environment