Smart Lockers: Significantly Reduce Your Operating Costs

There are many reasons why companies provide staff with personal lockers without any legal requirement. For brands looking to foster a culture of trust and respect among colleagues, providing a secure area for personal belongings is essential. 

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So why bother investing in smart lockers?

The problem is that traditional lockers are expensive. Operating standard lockers costs larger companies millions of pounds a year through inefficient processes and lost man-hours replacing keys and making repairs. 

We recently achieved an 81% cost reduction for a UK client, as well as transforming their locker management effectiveness through implementing smart locker technology. 

Smart locks mean lower costs and higher productivity for your business. Let’s look at the reasons why: 

Traditional lockers – clunky, slow, and expensive

When approached by one of our recent customers, it was revealed that they didn’t know:

  • The number of their lockers in operation
  • How many were functional or broken
  • How many were being used by multiple employees
  • When or how often lockers were accessed

A lifetime of using spreadsheets and manual locker allocation had left their system in total disrepair, and their inefficient locker system was costing millions every year. Not only that, but this disorganisation left some staff waiting up to three months for a locker when they started.

A costly drain on resources

Before introducing eLocker technology, locker management involved security managers, maintenance staff, managers, admin workers – the list goes on. Just a few of their regular locker tasks included:

  • Auditing
  • Locker allocation and attrition
  • Lock repair
  • Manually opening lockers
  • Purchasing and installing replacement barrels

Locker management was a huge business expense, relentlessly draining away personnel and funds while adding very limited value to staff.

We now live in an internet-connected world. A smart world where technological innovations fuel previously impossible efficiencies in business. The smart locker is one of those innovations.

Smart lockers can make a real financial impact

The impact of smart lockers on your business isn’t just anecdotal or speculative. One of our clients (whose site wasn’t particularly large) was spending £1.1 million every year on locker operation and management. They have managed to recoup 81% of that cost since installing our smart lockers.

Where do these impressive savings come from?

  • Locker management expenditure – Our cloud-based management system requires a fraction of the time input of manual spreadsheets. The man-hours required for successful management are substantially reduced.
  • Higher workplace efficiency – Technological innovation boosts efficiency in multiple areas. Staff are happier and more productive. Fewer technical problems mean less downtime.
  • Complete locker fleet awareness – Every locker on site is fully tracked. We know which are occupied – and by whom – their physical condition, and can provide an audit trail of the full network over its entire lifetime.
  • Wireless locks – Our locks are totally wireless and keyless. They are activated by simple contactless cards and assigned to employees using the management system. They don’t break and are considerably less expensive.
  • Retrofitting – Our locks were retrofitted directly onto the existing locker fleet. Other manufacturers require new lockers built, shipped, and installed so they can fit their new locks.
  • Fully managed locker system – The customer can now assign lockers, programme their wireless access cards, open lockers, and access detailed usage analytics, all using our cloud-based management system.

Bottom line

Smart lockers are already saving our customers hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. As this is a global company, worldwide implementation would result in enormous long-term cost savings. 

From the significant financial gain to the heightened productivity and happiness of employees, smart lockers are having a transformational effect on businesses around the world.

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Smart Lockers: Significantly Reduce Your Operating Costs