Simple ways to improve warehouse efficiency

Warehouse operations are at the heart of many companies and they play a crucial role in the supply chain. Business owners should continuously look for ways to maximise output and improve the efficiency of their warehouse processes.

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Automate warehouse operations

Many warehouse activities are time-consuming and tedious. The good news is many warehouse operations – including order picking, packing and inventory management – can be automated to save your team valuable time and boost productivity.

A recent survey by Robotics Business Review found that automated and efficient warehouses were 76% more likely to improve inventory accuracy to 99% or higher, 36% more likely to reduce labour costs, and 40% more likely to consistently ship within one day of an order’s placement.

Utilising the latest automation software will help you maintain an efficient warehouse environment and improve your bottom line.

Install smart lockers

Smart lockers can automate locker workflows and eliminate the need for manual locker management in warehouse facilities. They can also be used to improve asset management processes and reduce losses.

At eLocker, our smart locker systems can be integrated with your existing lockers. Once installed, our smart lockers will automate up to 94% of your locker management workflows and give a ROI in less than 12 months.

Smart lockers helped a well-known fashion retail brand streamline locker management

eLocker recently installed an automated asset management system in the warehouse of a well-known sports fashion retail brand. The new system has improved locker efficiency and allows the company to manage the RF guns and other devices that their staff use in real-time.

Click here to read the full case study.

Implement a warehouse incentive programme

Introducing a warehouse incentive programme has been shown to improve warehouse productivity and retention by as much as 15-30%. It can also increase job satisfaction and boost employee morale and engagement.

Incentive schemes are one of the most effective ways to motivate employees, especially when they are combined with some of the methods mentioned above.

Should I offer individual or team incentives?

Individual incentives have been found to be the most effective type as employees control their own levels of performance and their potential reward. However, team incentives can encourage team bonding and be successful if they are managed well and everyone pulls their weight.

What type of incentive should I offer?

You can offer your employees monetary incentives, time off, or other awards. Most employees prefer money incentives, but extra holidays and other awards like free lunches can also be effective at boosting morale.

The importance of warehouse efficiency

An efficient warehouse is a profitable warehouse. Investing in automation software, improving asset management, and offering employee incentives are simple ways to improve warehouse efficiency and profits.

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Simple ways to improve warehouse efficiency