Exploring The Benefits of eLocker’s Screenless Click and Collect Lockers.

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Screenless Smart Locker Systems – An Introduction.

For businesses of all sizes, providing a good click-and-collect service can be a difficult challenge. Fortunately, a new type of locker system is making it easier than ever to provide customers with a streamlined, screenless user experience.


eLocker is revolutionising the way customers shop with their brand-new screenless click and collect lockers solution. With this innovative service, customers are able to collect their eCommerce purchases or store personal assets touchpoint-free in a secure locker.


This transformative solution provides fast, safe retrieval of belongings while greatly reducing waiting lines during peak times. Designed for ease of use, the system can be adapted to fit any shop size, delivering a click and collect system at scale for larger retailers, alongside small businesses who can now offer services akin to those larger retailers.


The joy of the screenless solution allows retailers to give an excellent click and collect services without investing huge capital into expensive monitors our touch pads.


Keep reading to learn more about how this ground-breaking locker technology will make click-and-collect services even easier.

Who is eLocker?

eLocker is a company providing self-service locker systems that allow businesses and their customers to enjoy a frictionless click and collect solution for order pick-up.



Unlike traditional locker systems, our solution does not require screens, monitors or user interfaces to operate – customers simply open a link on their phone, and hit an open button to open the locker door, and retrieve their order. 


This makes our lockers faster, easier to use, and more secure than their traditional counterparts.

screenless click and collect lockers

Why are click-and-collect lockers on the rise?

In recent years, we’ve seen a drastic rise in the popularity of click-and-collect systems. With rapid digital transformation and increased safety protocols due to the pandemic, many customers are opting for the convenience and comfort of collecting their goods from a locker rather than having them delivered in person to their doorstep by unreliable couriers or postal services.


Customers benefit from being able to control when they pick up their order, as well as not having to worry about items being left outside in bad weather. Additionally, organisations are taking advantage of the cost savings that come with reduced delivery traffic. 

What are the limitations of current solutions?

Ultimately, retailers have begun investing in click-and-collect locker solutions to provide customers with an easy way to pick up their online orders. But these existing solutions come with some limitations that can leave customers feeling unsatisfied and retailers paying too much for the technology.



Click-and-collect locker solutions offer a convenient way to purchase items with no need for an in-person transaction, but they have their downsides. Poor user experience is one of the limitations of current click-and-collect locker solutions.


For example, there are often too few lockers and long queues because the solution doesn’t share the right data with the retailer, meaning users can have to wait a long time to access their items and the need to scan a QR code which often does not work, or to have to enter a code.



Additionally, these services can be expensive because vendors must invest in the installation and maintenance of the lockers. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an issue as suppliers companies continue to develop better systems that maximise convenience while minimising ongoing maintenance costs.



eLocker has developed a new click-and-collect locker system designed specifically to address these limitations.

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What is the problem click and collect will solve?

eLocker is looking to revolutionise user experience with their innovative screenless click-and-collect lockers system. This system not only eliminates the costly expenses of a typical screen kiosk but also offers more flexibility in usage and in collection/return and exchange workflows for retailers. 


Without cumbersome screened or monitors to maintain and upgrade, our solution can be customised more easily. What’s more, adding screenless click-and-collect lockers to stores can provide retailers with greater product exposure as they can strategically advertise items nearby. 


By bringing this new wireless system to the market, eLocker is providing an entirely different angle that has never been seen before – an easy, cost-effective solution for customers that gets rid of unnecessary friction and increases product visibility.       



By taking a data-driven approach, eLocker aims to provide retailers with the vital insight they need to make informed decisions about where and when they should invest in lockers. Their workflows are simple and easy to understand, allowing users to quickly and easily collect, return or exchange items.



With screenless click and collect lockers, businesses can be sure that their customers get what they need quicker than ever before, improving both customer satisfaction and operating efficiency.


Why care about screenless smart click and collect lockers

Companies looking to invest in locker systems should consider the many advantages of the eLocker solution. eLocker consolidates all locker systems across a company, including those installed in shops, offices, or warehouses


It is an end-to-end system that provides a high volume discount depending on how many locker solutions you put in place. This makes it the perfect choice for retailers, who offer pick-up services from brick-and-mortar stores, and even auto parts distributors.


It perhaps goes without saying that smart lockers are required anywhere there is a need for storage and asset management. Smart lockers have a variety of different applications and therefore have the potential to be used in a huge range of both public and private settings.

The benefits of investing in eLocker systems

The benefits of investing in eLocker solutions are plentiful. For starters, customers now have access to screenless click-and-collect lockers which grant them the ability to shop even after closing time. This is especially beneficial for retailers who want their customers to have a great experience with their business.

Additionally, this system is extremely useful for maintenance/service engineers, delivery drivers, IT internal assets managers, and anyone else who needs access to shared assets on a regular basis. 

The most obvious benefit of investing in an eLocker system is cost savings.

Individually, locker systems can be expensive investments, but with the eLocker solution, you can get a serious high-volume discount that will make it more cost-effective to optimise your whole network – the more you buy, the more you save.

In addition, our solutions are offered with little to no upfront costs, on 36 months subscriptions, allowing you to launch solutions in your stores, without the need of a huge capital investment.

Another big benefit of using an eLocker system is convenience. With this system, all of your locker solutions are consolidated into one easy-to-use platform. This makes it much easier to manage and track usage data while also making sure that all lockers are up-to-date with the latest technology and features.

Plus, the cloud integration makes it easy to access data from anywhere—so if there’s ever a problem with one of your lockers, you’ll be able to quickly identify and fix it no matter where you are. 

What is the approximate time for ROI?

As a business owner, you want to maximise your return on investment (ROI) and minimise the amount of time it takes to do so. Investing in screenless click and collect lockers can help you achieve both of those goals quicker than alternative screen systems. 


Our monthly subscription removes the need for an initial capital outlay for the project, allowing you to you feel savings from the first day of installation.



Smart lockers are designed to save businesses money by reducing labour costs associated with manual operations, minimising energy consumption, improving customer service, and enhancing customer loyalty. 


With shorter wait times for customers and reduced staff oversight for manual operations, businesses that switch to eLockers see a major reduction in operational costs over traditional alternatives almost immediately.



Businesses that invest in eLockers typically start seeing results within days of installation — usually in the form of increased customer satisfaction from faster service times and improved operational efficiency due to fewer staff members needed per shift. 


This means less capital spent on labour costs while providing superior customer service compared to traditional solutions like manned screens or counters without automated lockers installed.



eLocker have a wealth of experience and knowledge in savings calculations and working out how much the systems can save so get in touch for a personalised quote! 

What is different about the eLocker solution?

Unlike other companies selling lockers, eLocker is a technology company, rather than a lock company, and this really separates us out in the market. Their solutions are designed to be easily rolled out across different locations and provide data-driven insights into customer behaviour which can be used to make better decisions for retailers.

Easy Installation and Retrofitting

Screenless click and collect lockers are straightforward to install and can even be retrofitted into existing environments without much effort. The sleek design allows for minimal disruption when installed in places like malls, airports, stadiums, retail stores, universities and more. 


The installation process is also much simpler since there is no need for electrical wiring or complicated setup procedures. This means that retailers can quickly set up their locker solution without having to worry about costly downtime or installation delays. 

Data-Driven Decisions

Another thing that sets eLocker apart from other locker solutions is its focus on data-driven decision-making. By utilising their intelligent analytics platform, retailers can gain real-time insights into customer usage patterns and behaviours which can then be used to make better decisions about their business operations. 


This helps them optimise the efficiency of their locker systems as well as identify areas where improvements may be needed in order to maximise customer satisfaction levels.

Where would such a solution be an advantage?

Having the option of 24-hour access and no queues makes using a locker solution an advantage for many businesses. 

Brick-and-mortar stores, or those who offer order collection in-store, can benefit from such a solution. Additionally, with staff lockers increasingly needed in certain industries, a locker system is an extremely effective way to manage that. 

Not only does it ensure the safety of personal belongings, but it can also act as an asset management system; whether for IT equipment and material or other types of assets. 

It is becoming more popular for members of communities to rent out shared assets, something which this type of solution is perfect for managing.

click and collect lockers with no kiosk or screen

Can existing Lockers be converted?

As we continue to move forward into a digital age, the conversion of existing lockers to use screenless click and collect lockers from eLocker is an attractive option for businesses that may not have access to all new technology.


The best way to transition older systems into the new digital world is by retrofitting locks that have standard cam locks – this allows them to easily make the switch without needing to purchase completely new hardware.



As part of their transition, Bluetooth will be utilised for the unlocking of the lockers through the eLocker mobile app. Alternatively, they can retrofit the existing lockers as a wired system, hooking them up to a corporate or retail app or card which can act as gateways into old places. With these options available, businesses who are keen on making this transition can take advantage of eLocker.


How do I get one

eLocker’s technology is the most advanced solution on the market and has already been successfully implemented in a number of large businesses. The screenless click and collect lockers system is easy to install, requires no ongoing maintenance costs, and offers a quick return on investment. It is also flexible enough to be adapted to any existing storage locker system.

If you want to increase efficiency and reduce costs, then eLocker’s screenless click-and-collect locker system is the perfect solution. Book a discovery call today to learn more.

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How to Choose the Right Smart Locker System for Your Needs

Smart locker systems can be fully customised to fit into their intended environment. The eLocker system is modular, so lockers can be added or taken away over time, as needed. Additionally, eLocker provides a range of locks that can be retrofitted to existing hardware as part of their smart locker solution.


Whatever the environment or use case, eLocker experts can advise on the required elements, security and technology that will meet the project’s needs. As an industry leader, eLocker has had the privilege of supplying smart locker systems to a varied selection of use cases and clients. The team has practical and creative solutions if you have a special one-off case.

Are screenless click & collect lockers secure?

Click-and-collect lockers provide a secure way for customers to pick up their packages without relying on conventional methods of delivery. They are more secure than traditional processes because the customer must be physically present to unlock the locker, meaning items remain untouched until they are collected.

Additionally, the locker is not actually opened whilst the customer is waiting, making it much more private in comparison to standing around in public in busy areas. This security is further accentuated by the data collected during pickup and delivery, allowing tracking services to document every stage of collection.

Is a screenless click-and-collect lockers system worth the investment?

Investing in screenless click-and-collect lockers can be a very cost-effective choice for retailers. They will be able to save upfront on the cost of a screen and free up more capital for other investments. 


Additionally, having strategically placed point of sale (POS) material near an eLocker can result in added sales from customers who are already planning on making a purchase but get an impulse buy when they see something else that catches their eye. 


To make it even better, eLocker experts can provide guidance on the most effective placement and provide expertise on how to maximise savings over time due to their market-leading data collection experience making it a cost-effective long-term investment.


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