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Invest in Employee Experience to Attract & Retain Top Talent

The current job market swings heavily in favour of candidates and there is fierce competition to attract top talent. Skilled employees are the backbone of successful companies and your team can make or break your business.


In a candidate-driven market, businesses must work harder to hire skilled team members. Many companies are investing in their workplace culture and employee experience to attract and retain the best candidates.


Here are some tips to help you enhance the employee experience and attract top talent to your business:

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Create a simple application process

The employee experience begins before a team member even joins your company. The application process will give prospective employees insight into your company and you must make a good first impression.

Make hiring easier by offering a user-friendly application process. Over 90% of job seekers look for jobs on mobile devices, so you must ensure that your job listing is mobile-friendly. Leverage recruitment technology to streamline the application process and impress candidates with your forward-thinking approach.

Build a strong company culture

Building a company culture is a crucial part of creating a great employee experience as it connects everyone in your business. Develop a company culture that will inspire, motivate, and engage your team members. Check out this article by Forbes for tips on how to build a positive company culture that will boost workplace morale and improve employee satisfaction.

Give employees more flexibility

A recent survey found that 94% of employees want workplace flexibility, in the form of remote work and flexible hours. Flexible working gives staff more freedom over their work schedule and has been shown to increase employee engagement and productivity.


Millennials place a high value on work-life balance and companies that offer flexible working have a significant advantage in the job market. Creating an agile work environment will help you attract top talent to your business and retain your best employees.

Invest in your physical workplace

The workplace environment has a significant impact on employee experience, especially if your team members spend a lot of time in the office. You should invest in your physical workplace and create an environment that your staff will find comfortable, inviting, and supportive.

If you introduce agile working, then you should consider what technology and equipment will enhance the employee experience. For instance, hot lockers will provide your employees with a secure place to store their personal belongings when they visit the office.

Smart lockers give your staff the freedom to choose a locker that suits their needs and preferences on a given day. They also automate locker allocation and management, freeing up precious time for your managers.

Act on employee feedback

Sending out regular surveys can be a great way to learn about your team members and identify ways to improve the employee experience. However, you risk losing trust and loyalty with your employees if you fail to act on their feedback.


Successful companies communicate an action plan to their team members and choose a person who is responsible for implementing the changes. Use surveys as a tool to show employees that you value their feedback and want to make positive changes in the workplace.


In a competitive job market that favours candidates, attracting and retaining top talent should be a top priority. Your employees are your most valuable business asset and you must work hard to keep them. Investing in the employee experience will help you create a positive work culture that will entice job candidates and boost employee satisfaction.


Get in touch with our friendly team if you’d like to learn more about how smart lockers can enhance the employee experience and help you attract top talent. We are always happy to help!

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