Innovative Warehouse Technologies to Adopt

When it comes to warehouse management, continuous monitoring and upgrading of technologies are crucial to boost revenue and stay competitive. Technological advancements have transformed operations and automation has played a vital role in improving warehouse efficiency. 

Warehouses that introduce automation benefit from higher inventory accuracy, reduced labour costs, and faster order fulfilment. According to a survey by Robotics Business Review, “automated warehouses are 76% more likely to increase inventory accuracy to 99% or higher and 40% more likely to ship orders within one day of being placed.”

Warehouse facilities managers should utilise the latest technology to improve performance and ensure future competitiveness. Here are some of the latest technologies being using in warehouse management:

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Smart locker solutions

Warehouses are busy environments that have high foot traffic. Staff lockersl are essential to keep your warehouse facility organised, clean, and safe. Traditional lockers have evolved over the years and smart, wireless locker solutions are all the rage – for good reason! 

Smart lockers are much more efficient than traditional lockers and offer greater flexibility by automating locker workflows. Removing the manual process of locker management saves valuable time and reduces labour costs. 

At eLocker, we offer the world’s first retrofittable smart locker that can be integrated with your existing lockers. You can upgrade your old lockers to smart lockers by simply replacing your old key or combinations locks with RFID locker locks. This upgrade is quick, cost-effective, and will boost efficiency in your warehouse facility. 

Our innovative smart locker systems can automate up to 94% of your locker management workflows and give an ROI in less than 12 months. Upgrading to smart lockers is a worthwhile investment for any warehouse facility. 

Order fulfilment optimisation software

Every warehouse manager should consider upgrading to the latest order fulfilment software in the market. Order fulfilment technology has been designed to reduce supply chain costs, improve accuracy, and enhance the customer experience.

According to statistics on “When warehouses upgrade their inventory systems from paper-and-pencil to automated order processing, productivity increases by an average of 25% and they gain an additional 10-20% of floor space.”

Various warehouse technology solutions are available to streamline the order fulfilment process. Two of the most popular solutions used in warehouse management are Pick-By-Light and Put-by-Light. These systems automate warehouse processes and provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution when compared to manual picking methods.

Warehouse robotics

Robotics has quickly become one of the most sought-after technologies in warehouse management. Smart robots can be introduced in warehouse facilities to automate and streamline the movement, storage, and sorting of warehouse inventory, among other tasks.

Various robots can be used in your warehouse facility. This includes automated guided vehicles, aerial drones, and autonomous mobile robots. Experts at Logiwa state that smart robots have the power to reduce warehouse labour costs by an impressive 70%. 

Robotics technology can help your facility adapt to growth and complete more tasks while improving warehouse performance and keeping overhead costs low. The software can also be scaled to reflect growth in your business and operations. 


Warehouse facilities managers now have access to a wide range of technologies that can streamline processes, reduce labour costs, and boost profitability. Managers should embrace automation technology and utilise the latest software to optimise warehouse operations. 

Above, are some innovative technologies being used in modern warehouse management. These tools will streamline warehouse processes and help you maintain an efficient and competitive warehouse facility. 

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