Improve Your Customer Experience With Parcel Lockers

A positive customer experience is critical to the sustained growth and success of any business. Offering an outstanding customer experience will strengthen your brand, promote loyalty, help you retain customers, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue. 

Research by Parcel Hive found that retailers who utilise smart lockers in their business improve their customer experience by up to 70%. Smart parcel lockers can create a seamless click-and-collect delivery process and eliminate delivery and return frustrations. 

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Why are parcel lockers used in retail?

Consumer trends are changing and over half of UK consumers now prefer to shop online rather than in-store, according to stats on Ecommerce News. The explosion in e-commerce has left retailers facing challenges when it comes to delivery and returns. Customers expect to receive their packages and return unwanted items in a way that is quick and convenient.

Traditional delivery methods can lead to issues such as lost or stolen parcels and customer complaints. Many forward-thinking companies are now utilising parcel lockers to streamline their delivery and returns process and remain competitive in the digital age. 

How do parcel lockers benefit retailers?

Parcel lockers help retailers meet consumer demand and stand out from similar companies in the competitive retail market. Offering customers self-service package retrieval will enhance the customer experience, increase loyalty, and help you attract and retain valuable customers. This will boost your sales revenue and improve your bottom line. 

Parcel lockers are also more cost-effective than traditional delivery methods as they eliminate the need to deliver individual packages to different addresses. This efficient final-mile delivery option enables retailers to offer free or low-cost delivery and returns. A survey by revealed that free shipping is the top incentive to shop online more. 

Another great benefit of parcel lockers is that they can easily be customised with your brand, logo or company colours. This will help strengthen your brand while directing customers to the parcel lockers. You can also place parcel lockers inside your store or outside the entrance to increase in-store foot traffic and encourage further sales. 

How do parcel lockers improve the customer experience?

Parcel lockers offer a secure and convenient package delivery and retrieval solution. Once the parcel has been delivered, the customer will receive a notification with a unique code that they can use to access the locker and collect their parcel. Most parcel lockers are electronic and can be accessed 24/7.

Parcel lockers give customers the freedom to place orders online and then collect their parcels at a time that is inconvenient. Self-service retrieval means that customers don’t have to worry about being home to accept parcels or having to reschedule missed deliveries. They can also complete quick and easy returns without having to visit stores or arrange parcel pick-up. 

A further advantage of parcel lockers is that they are much more secure. With traditional delivery methods, parcels are often left outside or handed to neighbours if the recipient is not home to collect their parcel. Approximately 14.4 million parcels are lost or stolen in the UK every year, leading to customer frustration and thousands of complaints. 

Parcel lockers give customers peace of mind, as they know that their package will be kept safe and secure until they are ready to collect it. Most parcel locker stations are also monitored 24/7 via CCTV surveillance for added security. 

What to find out more?

Parcel lockers have revolutionised the retail sector and enhanced the delivery and return process for businesses and their customers. Utilising parcel locker systems will streamline e-commerce, improve the customer experience, and give your company a competitive advantage in the retail market.

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Improve Your Customer Experience With Parcel Lockers