How Smart Storage Can Help You Rethink Your Workplace

Running any office, regardless of size, is difficult, and obstacles can stop you from achieving your strategic goals and objectives. If you’re experiencing issues with efficiency and productivity, then it might be time to rethink your workplace! 

A crucial part of keeping your business running, and your staff happy is ensuring that your working space is well-organised and easy to navigate; one that helps your teams organise themselves and their tasks more methodically. 

Smart storage can solve a number of common workplace issues and help you transform your workspace, regardless of how big or small it is.

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Smart storage makes better use of available space

Rethinking your workspace involves making better use of the space that’s available to you. With smart storage, you can use your area efficiently without compromising your employees’ health and safety in the workspace. 

Don’t let the spatial limitations of your workspace limit you! Smart storage gives your employees the space to store their belongings securely and access them with their existing ID cards. 

This means you can take your space and reimagine it to accommodate your team’s needs comfortably.

Smart storage reduces office clutter

Traditional locker systems require bulky locks and this often leads to issues like dealing with lost keys and coordinating locker allocations.

Smart storage, on the other hand, provides you with enhanced functionality in a sleeker, more streamlined manner. Smart lockers in the warehouse are just one example of how these solutions can minimise clutter and make better use of your available space. 

By decluttering your space, you make your workspace clean, tidy and safe. It can also make your office or warehouse look bigger.

Smart storage improves employee wellbeing

Many studies have found that a clean and organised workspace can improve employee wellbeing and productivity, equating to tangible cost savings. A study by The National Association of Professional Organisers (NAPO) found that disorganisation can lead to financial losses equivalent to 10% of a manager’s salary.

Smart storage solutions help your employees stress less about the safety of their belongings. Employees can access their belongings quickly by tapping their existing ID cards against their locker. Even if they lose their card, there’s little to no stress because they’re easy to replace. 

When your space is decluttered, cohesive, sleek, and easy to navigate, you not only improve efficiency but also improve employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Smart storages enhance employee performance

There’s plenty of research on how the layout of the workspace impacts employee performance– ranging from creating a space that encourages movement to a culture that facilitates productivity. 

Employee performance can be optimised by making your workspace better through the implementation of smart storage solutions. 

How can eLocker help you transform your workplace?

Rethinking the workspace is easy when you leverage modern solutions and technologies that take away an administrative burden and streamline management processes. 

At eLocker, we offer you a range of solutions that are designed to take your storage space to the next level. 

Our services include the provision of staff lockersasset lockers, and NHS and healthcare lockers, and you can choose between allocated locker systems, hot locker systems or asset management systems, depending on what your business needs. 

We can also retrofit your outdated locker system and convert it into smart storage quickly and economically. Get in touch with the locker experts at eLocker today to discuss smart storage solutions. 

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How Smart Storage Can Help You Rethink Your Workplace