Future-Proof Your Workplace With Smart Tech!

Companies of all sizes are using smart tech to automate processes and create a more efficient and productive work environment. Take our smart office lockers, for example. They offer an intelligent and fully-integrated smart storage solution that can be applied to various areas of any business. Smart lockers can be installed in offices to support hybrid work models like hot-desking or used to streamline asset management and keep high-value devices secure.

Let’s look at some of the key ways you can future-proof your workplace with smart tech.

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Intelligent lockers

Storage lockers are a must in many work environments but traditional locker systems can inefficient and expensive. Intelligent lockers are designed to streamline and automate locker management which reduces overhead costs and enhances the user experience.

Our smart locker system has been shown to remove up to 94% of the admin time associated with locker management – this should lead to long-term tangible cost savings. We recently achieved an 81% cost reduction for a UK client after implementing smart locker technology. You can check out more smart locker case studies here

Smart thermostat

Companies are becoming more eco-conscious and more businesses are adopting green practices in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint and join the sustainability movement. A recent global survey found that 81% of companies now have formal ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) programs in place. 

Smart technology is helping companies become more eco-friendly. For example, installing a smart thermostat allows businesses to automate their heating schedule and make their buildings more energy-efficient. Companies can also use a smart thermostat to monitor their energy usage and identify ways to reduce their utility costs and save money on energy. 

Desk reservation software

Desk reservation technology creates the ultimate workplace flexibility and facilitates efficient workspace management with minimal effort. This software is the perfect addition flexible desk booking system for hybrid workplaces and hot desking environments. 

For example, your employees can use an app like Cloudbooking to find and reserve a desk before they arrive in the office. Staff have the freedom to book a workspace that will suit their needs on a given day. This will drive productivity and optimise space while enhancing the user experience. 


Technology is the future of business and many companies are utilising smart tech to ‘go smart’ and gain a competitive advantage. Smart tech has the power to automate various business functions and help you create a more efficient and profitable work environment. 

The benefits that smart technologies can offer any company are limitless. Get in touch with eLocker if you would like to learn how smart storage solutions can improve efficiency and boost productivity in your workplace. You can also find lots of useful information on our website: http://elocker.wp/ 

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