Four Ways to Optimise Office Space

Every business owner should focus on ways to maximise workplace efficiency. The space where your staff work can impact many things including productivity and employee satisfaction. Managers should continually look for ways to optimise space in the office and create a more organised and efficient working environment. 


Below, we’ve outlined four simple ways to optimise office space and boost productivity. 

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1. Enable hot desking

Hot desking is all the rage these days! It’s a flexible workspace system where desks are used by multiple employees at different times, on an ad hoc basis. According to a survey by SpaceIQ, “78% of employees said flexible work arrangements made them more productive.”

Hot desking can be a great way to boost staff satisfaction and productivity, but you must provide tools and equipment to support the new way of working. For instance, having a secure storage solution is essential when staff don’t have a permanent desk and drawers to keep their personal items.

Installing hot lockers will give your employees somewhere safe to store their belongings when they’re working in the office. This will enhance the employee experience and improve office morale.

2. Identify underutilised equipment

Many offices have equipment and furniture that is underutilised and takes up valuable space. Assess your office and remove any tools, equipment or furniture that is not being used by staff. This will help you maximise your available space and create a more organised and tidy work environment.

You can also use analytics to identify underutilised office equipment. For instance, our smart locker systems provide valuable analytics and insights that allow managers to identify underutilised lockers. These can then be removed to create additional floor space in the office.

3. Maximise natural light

Good lighting will automatically make your office appear bigger and brighter. Plus, sunlight is a natural mood-booster and will encourage your employees to perform better. You can maximise natural light in your office by removing items from windowsills. You could also install skylights to allow natural light to flood into your office space and create an airy work environment. 

4. Choose folding office furniture

Folding office furniture is ideal if you are looking for a space-efficient furniture solution. Folding furniture is extremely versatile and can be used for various purposes. They can also be stored away easily when they’re not needed to create extra floor space. 


There is a wide range of folding furniture available including folding meeting tables, folding office desks, and folding chairs. It’s always a good idea to invest in quality office furniture made from durable materials that will withstand heavy use and remain in good condition for many years. 

Optimise your office space today!

Optimising your office space will help you create a positive working environment. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of easy ways to maximise space and create a more organised and productive workspace. 

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Four Ways to Optimise Office Space