Device management made easy: no queues at the cage

It’s fair to say that nobody likes queuing – in fact just six minutes of queueing gets people impatient[1]. Queueing in the workplace is even more of a chore: workers queueing in the morning to collect their handheld devices and queuing again at the end of the shift to hand them back in again. It’s a real waste of time. Think how much more productive teams and businesses could be if they didn’t spend all that time queuing.

In our experience, we have seen many warehouses and factories still locking handheld devices away into a cage overnight to keep them safe and charged. This is the cause of the queue: devices get manually checked into the cage, and then back out again. It’s inefficient and it prevents workers from hitting the ground running each day.
New smart locker solutions completely eliminate the need to queue – think about all those saved minutes. Staff can just touch their RFID badge to the locker and collect their assigned device in seconds. Each locker is opened independently, ensuring employees don’t have to queue up or cause a bottleneck before they start work.

Plus, smart lockers offer many other business efficiency benefits. They’re not just a standard locker – they offer complete asset management – far more than lock and key and can really transform the way you run your business.

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Increased insights

We work with Zebra Technologies to integrate Zebra Savanna Data Services into our lockers. The Zebra Savanna web-based platform aggregates and analyses data from devices to reveal insights, such as who used the device last, how long it was used for, if it has been returned to the locker or not, and if the battery is low – giving you a complete overview of your estate of devices. This allows you to make business decisions based on data rather than guesswork, for greater efficiency.

Proactive battery management

In-locker charging ensures your workforce devices are fully charged up when staff come to collect them at the beginning of each day. So as well as time saved queueing, you’ll also save the time it takes to charge up dead devices.


Zebra Savanna Data Services also provides increased accountability – informing you of who did what with their devices and when, making employees less likely to misplace them. You’ll receive an email from the system informing you of everything that’s taking place with your locker, people and associated devices.

Locker status

Management teams have full access to the “health status” of each locker: open, closed, assigned, not assigned, broken, faulty and so on. You’ll always know what’s going on with your lockers – and your devices, ensuring your equipment is ready when you need it.

No wires

Wires and cables are a thing of the past! You should be able to move your locker systems around to wherever you need them to be. Our eLockers use the latest Bluetooth standard, allowing you to install lockers in crucial areas and move them around if you need to – so if your layout changes you won’t need to pay out for an expensive re-fit.

The hygiene factor

An eLocker hygiene-related benefit is that fewer people touch the devices you use every day, so staff can feel reassured that they are less likely to pass on or catch bugs and viruses. Zebra Technologies has a useful whitepaper on keeping devices clean: Best Practices for Infection Prevention. It was written for the healthcare industry but the recommendations provide a solid foundation for companies in all industries to protect the health of staff and customers.

Employee satisfaction

eLocker helps staff to get on with their work and to feel more productive, unhindered by clunky processes. With reduced admin time, lower asset failure rates, increased asset availability and less time spent queueing, they’ll be able to achieve so much more during their working day – great for employee satisfaction.

Easy device management

eLocker provides a simple modernised solution to an old and manual locker system. Before eLocker, lockers had been left behind in terms of digitisation, gaining insights and data. Yet eLocker provides all of this and more, making sure your business processes are not left behind and your workforce is not held back. Ultimately, we help your business to become a more efficient and competitive operation that saves time, resource and money. It’s device management made easy. Plus, if you need support for a business case to move forward with eLocker, just let us know. We worked recently with one client to save £52k per annum on management costs and 3,499 staff hours – leading to increased productivity on-site. We can also provide bespoke eLocker solutions if you have specific locker requirements.

Want to see eLocker in action?

Tell us a bit more about your business and use case, then our experts will guide you through the process to see if smart locks are a good fit for you.

Device management made easy: no queues at the cage