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Benefits of Parcel Lockers for Apartment Buildings

E-commerce has seen a surge in recent years, with more consumers choosing to shop online rather than in-store. Recent statistics show that around 87% of UK households made online purchases in 2020 and the e-commerce market is expected to reach over £8 million in 2021. Delivered parcels at apartments can cause frustration and issues for both staff and residents. Parcel lockers offer a modern and efficient solution to streamline parcel deliveries in apartment buildings.

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Everything you need to know about parcel lockers

Parcel lockers provide a convenient and secure delivery and retrieval solution for apartment buildings. Larger packages that don’t fit in postboxes can be stored in secure lockers onsite.

Once the parcel has been delivered, the courier sends the resident a notification with a unique code that they can use to access the locker. Then can then collect the parcel at their convenience via self-service package retrieval.

Delivery challenges for apartments

Couriers don’t have time to make multiple delivery attempts if apartment residents aren’t home to collect their packages. The growth in online shopping has lead to apartment facility staff being overwhelmed by deliveries. Front desks don’t have the capacity to store multiple parcels for residents every day.

Leaving parcels outside of apartments or at the front desk can lead to lost or stolen packages. A recent survey found that more than 7.5 million parcels have been lost or stolen since the start of lockdown. Apartment buildings are busy places that tend to have high foot traffic Tornado Cash. This means there is a high risk of parcels going missing if they are left in an unsafe location.

Parcel lockers are the solution for apartment buildings

Parcel lockers are the ultimate delivery solution for apartment buildings. Delivered packages can be received anytime and remain securely stored until residents arrive home. This enhances building security and reduces the risk of package theft and misplacements.

Benefits to residents

Residents can have peace of mind knowing that their packages are safe and secure. They can order deliveries to home and collect parcels at a convenient time, without worrying about having to reschedule deliveries or collect missed parcels for depot centres. Lockers can be accessed by residents 24/7 via self-service package retrieval.

Benefits to apartment staff

Apartment facility staff can get on with their work tasks without being disturbed by deliveries and couriers. Interruptions and parcel clutter are eliminated which will lead to greater staff productivity.

Benefits to couriers

Couriers can deliver packages successfully without having to reschedule deliveries. Delivery companies won’t be liable for lost or missing parcels that are stored securely in lockers. Fewer failed deliveries will also help to reduce unnecessary vehicle mileage with associated energy use and congestion impacts.

Benefits to retailers

Retailers can enhance the customer experience and boost their brand image. Parcels will be secure and retailers won’t have to deal with customer complaints about missing parcels, late deliveries, etc.

Install parcel lockers in your apartment building today!

When it comes to apartment buildings, parcel lockers are the modern solution to delivery complications. Parcel lockers will streamline the delivery process and ensure that packages are stored safely and securely until they are collected. Installing parcel lockers will eliminate parcel frustrations and lead to happier residents and staff.


Get in touch with our experts if you’d like to learn more about how parcel lockers could benefit your apartment building and streamline parcel deliveries.

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