Achieve your net-zero targets with eLocker

Achieving carbon neutral status is not just great for the environment, it can also play a huge role in boosting your brand image and profits. More and more businesses are embracing sustainability and setting ambitious net-zero targets to help fight climate change. 


In this blog, we will discuss why net-zero is important and how eLocker is helping companies reduce carbon emissions and achieve their environmental targets. 

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Why are net-zero targets important?

Net-zero is important because it is one of the most effective ways to reduce global warming and fight the negative effects of climate change. The UK government has pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and businesses must embrace sustainability if the UK is going to achieve its environmental commitments. 


Along with the environmental benefits, switching to sustainable processes will also help you attract new customers and retain the best talent. People want to support eco-friendly companies and going green will build brand visibility, increase sales, and improve employee satisfaction. 

How eLocker is helping businesses achieve net-zero

Elocker is helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint by transforming their existing lockers into smart lockers using our eco-friendly and affordable retrofitting service.

eLocker’s retrofitting service

Our retrofitting service simply replaces your old locks with an eLock retrofit lock. The process takes minutes and we can install hundreds of smart locks in a day while causing minimal disruption to your business operations.

You can then connect your new retrofit locks to our gateways via Wi-Fi and enjoy a fully managed smart locker system. This approach is far more sustainable and affordable when compared to replacing your entire locker fleet.

Benefits of smart lockers

Smart lockers automate and streamline locker management, thus improving business efficiency and productivity. Our smart locker systems have been shown to reduce the admin time associated with locker management by up to 94%. 

Upgrading to contactless smart lockers will also enhance the employee experience and give staff peace of mind knowing that their personal belongings are secure. 

Other ways to reduce carbon emissions

  • Switch to a green energy provider and sustainable suppliers.
  • Upgrade to hybrid or fully electric company cars. 
  • Limit business travel and enable staff to work from home to reduce travel emissions.
  • Implement a recycling scheme and focus on ways to reduce all waste types. 
  • Complete energy-saving upgrades to your building e.g. install double glazing and add extra insulation to wall cavities and roofing. 

Get in touch to discuss our retrofitting service

eLocker’s retrofitting service is helping businesses across the country reduce carbon emissions while maximising efficiency and profits.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how our retrofitting service could help you achieve your net-zero targets. You can also find lots of useful information by visiting our website.

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Achieve your net-zero targets with eLocker