5 Ways That Contactless Lockers Will Improve Your Business

The traditional workplace has evolved significantly, especially during the past year. Social distancing restrictions brought in during the pandemic have forced businesses to adapt to a new work environment and hybrid working has become the new norm.


Contactless lockers are the perfect addition to agile workspaces. They support flexible working and offer a high return on investment. Here are five ways that contactless lockers will improve your business:

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1. Increase productivity

Businesses are recognising the benefits that flexibility can have on employee morale and retention, along with increased productivity. Contactless lockers provide staff with a flexible storage solution and support an agile working environment.


Our smart locker systems are self-service and allow staff to choose their preferred locker and access it via contactless entry. This improves the employee experience and eliminates the need to manually allocate lockers. Productivity should increase as a result and you can focus on the activities that will drive growth and profits in your business.

2. Reduce labour time

Allocating and managing staff lockers is a time-consuming and tedious task. Our lockers are proven to remove up to 94% of the admin time associated with locker management, so you can focus on your most profitable business activities. This reduction in admin and labour time will slash your overheads and improve your bottom line.

3. Support hot-desking

For many businesses, hot-desking was already becoming popular before the pandemic. A recent survey revealed that 52% of employers are open to hot-desking and almost half of employees would prefer to hot-desk than have a permanent desk in the office.

Hot-desking has several advantages over traditional office layouts: greater flexibility, lower costs, and improved collaboration, to name a few. That said, hot-desking policies can cause issues if they are not implemented and managed well.

Hot-desking employees don’t have a designated desk, so they will need somewhere to store their personal belongings. Contactless lockers provide a simple solution to this problem. Staff can keep their belongings secure during the working day and focus on their work tasks without distractions. Check out our hot locker systems for more information on how hot lockers work.

4. Improve workplace security

Statistics show that around 75% of employees admit to stealing at work at least once. Workplace theft will undermine the integrity of your company and harm your bottom line. It can also affect staff morale and productivity. This is why workplace security should be a top priority for every business.


Contactless lockers are more secure than traditional lockers and they will keep your employees personal belonging safe during the working day. You can also use live analytics to track locker usage in real-time. This will create greater transparency and accountability in the workplace.

5. Protect employee health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to maintain a clean and hygienic working environment. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and must take steps to safeguard their health and wellbeing.

Contactless lockers help employers protect the health of their staff by automating lockers workflows. Our contactless systems allow your team to choose a locker through a mobile app and access it via contactless entry. This helps to keep employees safe by minimising the risk of infection in the workplace.

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Contactless lockers offer several advantages including increasing productivity, reducing labour costs, and improving workplace security. They will also help you maintain high hygiene standards and keep your employees safe now and post-pandemic.

Contactless lockers can benefit any business or industry and more companies are upgrading to smart locker systems. If you want to find out how contactless lockers could benefit your business get in touch with our team of locker experts.

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5 Ways That Contactless Lockers Will Improve Your Business