5 Ways Smart Locks Will Transform Your Business

Lockers have become a must in the workplace, especially when so many offices are transitioning to flexible work models like hybrid working and hot-desking. 


Office lockers provide your employees with a secure place to store their personal belongings and reduce the need for desk storage. However, traditional lockers have limitations and the physical set-up is restrictive in several ways. 


The good news is that you can have your existing lockers fitted with smart locks to create a more efficient and cost-effective storage system. Here are five ways smart lockers will transform your business. 

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1. Create a strong brand image

Your work environment has a big impact on your brand image and your workplace should promote your identity and values. According to the Penketh Group: “Office design is as instrumental in company branding as logos and website design.”


Smart locks look sleek and stylish and will display your brand as being modern and innovative. This will help you create a great first impression and impress prospective employees and customers.

2. Reduce overhead costs

One of the top benefits of installing smart locks is that they have the potential to significantly reduce your overhead costs.

Traditional locker systems typically use keys, spreadsheets and manual locker allocation. This is an inefficient approach to locker management that could be costing your business thousands of pounds each year.

Smart locks automate locker allocation and have the power to reduce the admin time associated with locker management by an impressive 94%, resulting in significant long-term cost savings for your business.

At eLocker, we recently achieved an 81% cost reduction for a UK client, as well as transforming their locker management effectiveness through implementing smart locker technology.

3. Boost productivity

Smart lockers can be accessed via contactless entry using a card or a code. This convenient self-service solution means that your employees won’t waste time searching for their keys or looking for an available locker when they arrive at the office. 


Smart locker systems also eliminate the need for managers to manually allocate lockers which means they can focus their time and attention on the activities that will drive growth and profits in your business. 

4. Maximise floor space

Office lockers take up a lot of floor space, so it’s vital that they are fully utilised. From experience, we have found that many companies have locker systems that are underutilised which is a huge waste of time, money and office space. 


Our smart locker systems provide advanced analytics which allows you to monitor locker usage. We recently ran a three-month pilot study for a customer and were able to show them that they were only utilising around 40% of their existing lockers. This meant they could reduce their locker facilities by around 60%, gaining a huge amount of additional floor space. This will generate significant long-term cost savings for the company going forward.

5. Improve security

Smart lockers are more secure than traditional lockers that use physical locks and keys. Our smart lockers are managed via an online dashboard dedicated to allocating and managing locker space, and locks can only be unlocked with the owner’s ID card.

When you upgrade to smart locks, your employees can have peace of mind knowing that their personal belongings are safe and secure. Asset management lockers are also a great solution for storing devices and they will reduce the risks and costs of managing assets in the workplace.

Bottom line

There are dozens of great reasons to install smart lockers in your business – lower overheads, higher productivity and improved security, to name a few. The best part is that you can use eLocker’s retrofitting service and upgrade your existing lockers with advanced smart locks without the need to replace your entire locker fleet.

Check out this brochure if you’d like to learn more about how our smart lockers could transform your business or get in touch with the eLocker team – we’re always happy to help!

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5 Ways Smart Locks Will Transform Your Business