5 Strategies to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Identifying ways to increase productivity should be a top priority for every warehouse operations manager. Improving efficiency will lead to a more productive warehouse, reduced labour costs, and higher revenues.


Fortunately, there are dozens of simple ways to improve productivity in your warehouse and increase your bottom line. Here are five strategies to boost warehouse productivity today:

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1. Invest in automation technology

Warehouse managers must constantly review and update technologies to remain competitive and profitable. Automation has revolutionised warehouse operations and plays an essential role in maintaining an efficient facility.

A recent analysis report estimates that the global warehouse automation market will be worth $30 billion by 2026. This shows an impressive annual growth rate of 14% since 2020. This trend is expected to continue as automation becomes the future of warehousing.

Various warehouse operations can be automated including inventory management, order picking, and bin tracking. Smart lockers can also be installed to automate locker workflows and eliminate the need for manual locker management in warehouse facilities.

At eLocker, our smart locker systems can be integrated with your existing lockers. Once installed, our smart lockers will automate up to 94% of your locker management workflows and give an ROI in less than 12 months.

2. Introduce an incentive programme

Introducing an incentive programme has been shown to improve warehouse productivity by up to 30% according to a survey by Hubspot. An incentive programme rewards staff for their performance with things like cash bonuses, shopping vouchers, or paid leave.


Incentives often lead to higher productivity as they encourage employees to work harder. Offering a generous incentive programme can also help warehouse managers attract and retain skilled workers. This will have a further positive effect on warehouse productivity.

3. Maximise warehouse floor space

Expanding your warehouse facility is going to be expensive, especially if you rent additional storage space. Instead of expanding the footprint of your warehouse, consider optimising the existing space. For instance, install taller storage units to make better use of vertical space and reorganise your layout to create smarter storage solutions.

Keep your warehouse facility organised and tidy to help you get the most out of your floor space. This approach is much more cost-effective than expanding your warehouse or renting additional storage space.

4. Upgrade your inventory system

Most warehouse facilities now utilise a warehouse management system (WMS) to automate inventory management.

An inventory management system will streamline manufacturing processes, reduce labour costs, and improve order fulfilment. It can also increase inventory accuracy by a massive 95% according to stats on softwarepath.com.

Upgrading your inventory system will help you create a more productive warehouse by allowing you to track and manage stock efficiently. Check out this article by SelectHub for some of the best warehouse management and inventory software on the market today.

5. Offer structured training

Skilled employees are the backbone behind every efficient and profitable business and so it pays to invest in your warehouse staff. Make sure that your employees are properly trained and consider introducing a formal certifications structure. Workers could complete a certificate in inventory control and warehouse management, for example.


Certifications expire and you should have a structure in place to renew employee training every 24 months. Offer regular refresher courses to keep your workers skills and knowledge up to date. This will help you maintain a safe, efficient, and productive warehouse facility.


A productive warehouse is a profitable warehouse. Warehouse managers should constantly review processes and look for ways to improve efficiency and profit margins. Increasing productivity will help you create a more efficient warehouse and maximise your return on investment.


Try implementing these strategies to boost productivity in your warehouse facility. Click here to learn more about how our smart locker systems could improve warehouse efficiency and profitability.

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5 Strategies to Boost Warehouse Productivity