5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In Intelligent Lockers

There is no denying that we live in an increasingly hyper-digital world. Even the traditional lockers you see in just about every teen movie have now been transformed into intelligent lockers.

Beyond the fact that intelligent lockers are modern and trendy, they are also incredibly secure and contribute to greater efficiency and cost savings at work. In this post, we’ve made it our mission to show you why.

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1. They are more secure

Traditional lockers with keys seem like a secure place to keep your personal belongings and assets, but they’re not impregnable.

Someone can break into a locker or pick a lock, or buy a master key on the internet to gain access to the locker. Traditional lockers are not the most secure solution for your valuables, personal belongings, or company assets and devices.

Intelligent lockers are much more secure as they can be managed via an online dashboard dedicated to allocating and managing locker space, and locks can be unlocked with the owner’s ID card. 

At eLocker, our intelligent lockers can be unlocked with your team’s existing ID cards, so you don’t need to go through the hassle of replacing them if they are misplaced. 

2. You can manage your space better

Intelligent lockers also help you manage your space better. 

Whether you work in a warehouse or a traditional office setting, smart storage solutions make space management much easier and more efficient. You can store away clutter or any unsightly (but necessary) tools in a secure locker and know exactly where they are. 

Managing your space is not just about the layout of it; it’s also about employee wellbeing and safety. You can prevent workplace accidents by upgrading to smart lockers and putting a little more thought into where items are stored in the workplace. 

3. They make the workplace more efficient

Imagine all the time (and money) you’d save if your teams knew exactly where to put their tools and devices every day?

With a centralised model of managing your storage, you avoid spending money replacing devices you already own which have just been misplaced. Your employees will know where everything is stored and won’t waste time searching the office for tools and equipment. 

Some of our intelligent lockers at eLocker also come with a function where your teams can automatically choose available lockers via an online platform, This means your managers don’t need to spend time on locker allocation, which will save your business time and money. 

4. They contribute to employee wellbeing

Did you know that the workplace plays a major role in your employees’ health and wellbeing?

If your workspace is cluttered and your teams don’t have the space to store their belongings securely, this can lead to job dissatisfaction and frustration.

When you install intelligent lockers, you’ll keep your teams happy and your workspace or warehouse a safe and happy place to work!

5. Asset management is significantly easier

Asset management is a major priority for workspaces across the UK. In our experience, we’ve seen that this is particularly important for businesses that rely on various expensive tools and devices to do the work they do.

If this has been a concern for you, then asset management lockers are very useful because they also come with a centralised dashboard that provides full autonomy and helps you manage your storage and assets at all times. 

Invest in intelligent lockers to transform your workplace!

As we move into an increasingly digital world, storage solutions like intelligent lockers are becoming the norm, rather than a high-tech luxury. 

 If you’re keen on making your workplace a safe, happy, and well-managed environment, get in touch with our team at eLocker today! 

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