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5 Reasons Why Smart Lockers Are The Future Of Asset Management

The future is smart, and for asset management, the future is smart lockers.

Employees are entrusted with expensive tools and devices in many industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. Access to high-value equipment like handheld barcode scanners, tablets, automotive tools, and in-store PoS devices are provided for day-to-day activities and these items must be stored securely. 

Statistics reveal that 43% of small businesses fail to track assets and inventory effectively. If your business finding logging, distributing and managing assets to be a burden, then smart lockers could be the solution! 

Companies like Amazon and DHL are now choosing to save money and time with smart solutions like asset lockers. These solutions are the future of asset management. Here’s why…

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1. Asset managers no longer need to sit by staff lockers

When you upgrade to smart lockers, your asset manager will no longer be required to sit near staff lockers to distribute and manage storage space.

Smart lockers allow managers to control locker allocation and usage via a central dashboard where storage space and assets can be managed remotely with ease.

2. Manual asset management is costly and time-consuming

It is both time-consuming and inefficient to monitor your assets manually via an outdated system. Logging details on paper or a spreadsheet is not ideal, especially if your workforce is sizable and you own a large number of assets. 

Manual systems are also more prone to error, which can prove to be costly if you’re not careful. 

With smart lockers, you can keep track of every asset, at all times, with the click of a few buttons. Not only does this save time, but it also reduces the likelihood of mismanagement, theft or errors. This should equate to long-term cost savings for your business. 

3. The wrong system can ruin your work culture

Asset management and storage solutions are crucial if your teams need to operate expensive equipment as part of their day-to-day duties. 

If you have an inefficient or outdated system in place, this can spill over into your culture and ruin team dynamics and workplace morale over time. These may even lead to a lack of accountability, which proves to be an expensive challenge for modern businesses. 

4. Smart lockers improve your portfolio of assets

As we’ve seen, smart lockers streamline asset management and make processes more efficient and productive.

If you’ve been putting off investing in more assets for your organisation because you’re not satisfied with your asset management, then smart lockers will improve your system and help you improve service delivery in your business. 

With smart lockers, you enjoy a real-time account of who is using each asset, for how long, and when they will return it. 

5. Smart lockers make asset management a more data-driven process

Smart lockers collect data. They not only track the history of use but also help asset managers identify available storage space without having to unlock each locker and check it manually. 

With smart lockers, asset management is backed by the right data, allowing businesses to preserve their assets, extend their lifespan, and generate insightful reports into asset usage to make data-driven decisions.  

Make asset management more efficient with smart lockers!

Asset management can be a difficult task. Getting it right, however, is not a choice. Without a proper system in place, you risk major efficiency losses and increased operational costs – two outcomes you can prevent with smart lockers.

Get in touch with eLocker to become proud owners of asset management lockers that can modernise your asset strategies. We’ve previously supported industry leaders like Amazon, Tesco, and DHL.

With eLocker’s smart lockers, you can automate your asset management process and step into the future of asset management!

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