5 Reasons Every Business Should Invest In Smart Lockers

Lockers are an office must. They provide employees with a safe and secure place to store their personal belongings and reduce the need for desk-based storage. Installing staff lockers will also help you maintain an organised and clutter-free work environment.

Lockers have evolved over the years and the latest models incorporate smart technology to streamline locker management and reduce labour time and costs. Investing in smart lockers will modernise your business and improve efficiency and productivity. 

Here are five reasons why every business should invest in smart lockers:

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1. Streamline locker management

Installing smart lockers is a quick and simple way to streamline locker allocation and reduce the admin time associated with locker management. Smart lockers eliminate the need to manually allocate lockers, thus saving you valuable time and resources.

Our smart lockers have been proven to reduce the admin time associated with managing lockers by up to 94%. This means you can focus on the activities that will drive growth and profits in your business.

2. Improve your employee experience

Smart lockers enhance the employee experience by streamlining locker management and allowing staff to access lockers via a convenient self-service solution. They give your employees the flexibility and freedom to choose a locker that suits their needs.

Enhancing the user experience also helps recruitment and retention and keeps employees engaged in the workplace. Statistics show that employees who are highly engaged are 87% less likely to leave an employer.  

3. Support agile working practices

Agile working practices have become extremely popular in modern businesses and more companies are focusing on removing barriers to improve workplace efficiency and performance. In a recent survey by The Agile Organisation, 63% of managers linked growth in revenue directly to flexible working.

Smart lockers are the perfect addition to agile work environments as they provide staff with a secure personal space to store their belongings. This is essential if you are introducing hot-desking or other flexible practices in your workplace. 

4. Reduce workplace theft

Workplace theft is on the rise and there were more than 1.1 million thefts last year according to Insight Investigations. Smart lockers are more secure than traditional lockers and help to reduce workplace theft, false loss claims, and other issues that harm productivity and profits. 

When you install a smart locker system, your managers will have access to live usage data and audits. Our online locker management system records every employee action in real-time, so you can see your locker status’ at a glance and have complete control over your system.

5. Transform your old lockers into smart lockers

Our retrofitting service allows you to transform your old lockers into smart lockers without the hassle and cost of replacing your entire locker fleet. This approach is much more cost-effective and sustainable when compared to other methods. 

Another great benefit of retrofitting is that it has a low operational impact. You can choose to upgrade to smart locks over time so that your employees have continued access to lockers. Our specialist engineers can fit a smart lock in around 45 seconds to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations and productivity.


Lockers are essential in the modern workplace and smart lockers will help you take your business to the next level. A smart locker system will streamline locker management, improve efficiency, and unlock a high return on investment (ROI).

Take a look at our brochure if you’d like to learn more about how smart lockers could benefit your business or get in touch with our specialist team for more info.

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5 Reasons Every Business Should Invest In Smart Lockers