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5 Benefits of Using Smart Lockers Post-Pandemic

Governments all around the world were forced to introduce strict social distancing restrictions to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption and forced many offices to close or operate remotely for several months.


The UK is slowly emerging out of lockdown and business operations are gradually returning to normal. However, returning to the workplace will not be straightforward and office managers must create a safe and efficient back to work plan.


Introducing smart lockers is one way for office managers to maintain a safe and productive work environment post-pandemic. The smart locker market is growing rapidly and is projected to be valued at more than $4 billion by 2027.


With that in mind, here are five great benefits of using smart lockers post-pandemic:

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1. Protect employee health

Coronavirus restrictions are starting to ease and many office workers are returning to the workplace. However, the risk of infection is still present and office managers must take steps to protect their employees. One way to do this is by maintaining social distancing in the workplace.

Smart lockers can help office managers protect the health of their employees by automating lockers workflows. At eLocker, our hot locker management system allows staff to choose a locker via a mobile app and then access the locker using a contactless ID card. This streamlines locker allocation and management, thus helping to keep your employees safe.

2. Increase productivity

A productive business equals a profitable business. Every office manager should have strategies in place to create and maintain an efficient and productive working environment.

Hot locker systems are self-service and eliminate the need to manually allocate lockers. This reduces your admin burden and improves the employee experience. You can focus your time and attention on the activities that will drive growth and profits in your business.

3. Reduce admin time

Our hot lockers have been proven to remove up to 94% of the admin time associated with managing lockers. Installing a smart locker system is the easiest way to reduce the admin burden of locker management.

Our hot lockers are fully integrated and offer contactless access, eliminating the need for keys, locks, or pin codes. This reduction in labour and admin time translates to real long-term cost savings for your business.

4. Improve security

Every office manager knows that lockers can lead to problems such as theft, false loss claims, and other issues that affect workplace productivity and profits. A poll by Business Matters revealed that two-thirds of office workers have stolen from their workplace and employee theft costs UK companies more than £190 million.


Smart lockers are far more secure than traditional lockers and offer live usage data and audits. Installing a smart locker system will reduce workplace theft and keep employees’ belongings secure. This will have a positive impact on productivity, office morale, and your bottom line.

5. Live analytics

Our hot locker management system automatically records every action in real-time. This means you can track your locker usage at a glance and control office lockers remotely. Smart lockers help to create real accountability and greater transparency in the workplace.

Another great benefit of our smart locker system is that it is constantly connected and recording live data. This eliminates the need for manual locker audits that can be time-consuming and expensive.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption and forced many businesses to rethink their operations. It is more important than ever for office managers to be forward-thinking and maintain a safe and efficient work environment.


Installing smart lockers is one of the best ways for office managers to leverage the latest technology and protect the health of their employees. Smart lockers can also be a useful tool to boost productivity, reduce labour costs, and increase profit margins.


Check out this brochure if you’d like to learn more about how our smart lockers could benefit your office now and post-pandemic.

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5 Benefits of Using Smart Lockers Post-Pandemic