4 Ways to Modernise Your Workplace Post-Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused huge disruption to daily life. Businesses have been forced to adopt new ways of working and adapt to strict social restrictions brought in to fight the spread of the virus.


Most Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted and many businesses are planning a phased return to the workplace. Now is the ideal time for companies to reimagine their workspaces and create a modern and innovative environment that will thrive post-pandemic.


Here are four ways to modernise your workplace post-pandemic:

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1. Upgrade to smart lockers

There is an increased focus on health and safety in the workplace and smart technology can help businesses protect their employees against the risk of infection. Smart lockers help managers protect their staff and reduce the risk of infection by automating lockers workflows. At eLocker, our hot locker management system allows employees to select a locker via an app and then access the locker using a contactless ID card. This streamlines locker allocation and management, helping to keep your team members safe. Smart lockers offer several additional benefits including increased security, higher productivity, and a better employee experience. Get in touch with our specialist team if you’d like more information on how smart lockers can help you modernise your workspace and thrive post-pandemic.

2. Use cloud-based storage

Storing data on physical hard drives and in filing cabinets is an old-school and outdated way of working. Data is becoming increasingly valuable to businesses and storing it onsite can be insecure and expensive. Statistics show that roughly 50% of all corporate data is stored on the cloud and this number is increasing each year.

Digitalising data and storing it in the cloud is more secure and your employees can access documents from anywhere. Cloud-based storage offers efficiency and convenience and is becoming the norm in the modern workplac

3. Invest in customer service technologies

More businesses are investing in smart technology and customers are reaping the benefits. Modern technology can streamline customer services processes and enhance the customer journey and experience. Investing in customer service tech can also reduce labour time and boost revenue. For instance, chatbots can cut operational costs by 30%.


Here are some of the features that customers are currently enjoying:


  • Personalised recommendations
  • Real-time messaging
  • Customer ordering 
  • Automation
  • Chatbots 
  • And much more
  • Smart technology is changing the face of customer service and many businesses are relying on these technologies to streamline their services and improve the customer journey. 

4. Adopt agile working

An agile work environment removes barriers to improve efficiency, productivity, and performance. Agile working is becoming the norm and offers benefits to both employers and employees. According to a survey by The Agile Organisation, “36% of employees would prefer agile working over a pay rise and 63% of managers linked revenue growth to flexible working.”


Agile working lets employees work at a time and place that best suits their needs. This means allowing your employees to work remotely or outside of normal office hours. Support remote workers by providing them with essential tools and equipment such as communication software and ergonomic furniture.


Covid-19 has reshaped the modern working environment and forced businesses to adopt new ways of working. Companies must continue to adapt to these changes in order to thrive post-pandemic.

We are starting to return to normality and now is the ideal time for businesses to modernise their workspaces and create a more agile environment for their employees. Try implementing these changes to create a more innovative and efficient workplace.

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