4 Smart Office Storage Design Solutions

Office storage is essential if you want to keep your workplace neat and organised. A clutter-free workplace has been shown to boost productivity and sufficient storage has become even more important in agile work environments. 


If you’re short on storage space in the office, don’t panic! There are plenty of clever ways to create extra storage in your workplace. Here are four smart storage solutions that will help you make the most of your office space.

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1. Hot lockers

More and more companies are adopting flexible work schedules and a report by Deloitte found that 30% of multinational firms have implemented hot desking, with 45% planning on transitioning to hot desking by the end of this year. 


One of the biggest challenges of hot desking is that staff will no longer have a permanent desk where they can store their belongings. Intelligent hot lockers are the ideal solution as they will give your employees access to a secure locker which they can access via contactless entry when they visit the office. 


Hot lockers are the perfect storage solution for agile environments. They will support hot desking and contribute to heightened productivity and job satisfaction in your workplace. 

2. Storage walls

Installing full-height wall storage is a fantastic way to utilise your wall space and create additional storage in your workplace. Wall storage is fully-customisable and you can have it fitted to your exact specifications, allowing you to make the most of your available space.  


Once installed, wall storage can be used to store documents, files, or other office tools and equipment. This will free up your floor space, increase your office storage capacity, and help you maintain a tidy and organised workspace. Check out this blog for more benefits of wall-mounted office storage

3. Asset management lockers

Many companies give their employees access to expensive tools like laptops and other smart devices. These high-value items must be stored securely but statistics show that 43% of small businesses fail to track assets effectively.

Asset management lockers are the ideal storage solution that will help you distribute and track your assets with ease. Our intelligent lockers automate asset allocation and track usage, thus reducing the risks and costs of managing your fleet of devices. Smart storage solutions like asset lockers are the future of asset management.

4. Corner desk

Office corners remain unused the majority of the time and installing a corner desk will allow you to make use of this wasted space. Corner desks come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to transform a previously vacant space into a productive and efficient one.


Most corner desks also have more under-desk space when compared to traditional desk designs. That space can be utilised to store office equipment like a printer or a scanner, among other things.  

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4 Smart Office Storage Design Solutions